For twelve seasons,The Big Bang Theory aired to record-breaking numbers on CBS. Mayim Bialik was a late entry into the series in the role of neuroscientist Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler but quickly endeared herself to fans. While the show ended a couple of years ago, it continues to enjoy immense popularity worldwide. A number of popular shows and movies have had virtual reunion episodes since last year's global lockdown. But as Bialik explained in an interview with Insider, she feels The Big Bang Theoryis still too fresh in people's minds for a reunion event.

"Look, I think it's still very soon, you know? I haven't heard anything about it and I just feel really lucky that I get to continue working with Jim Parsons in a producer capacity [on Fox's series Call me Kat]."
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Mayim Bialik has a point. The reunion shows that have become so popular since last year rely a great deal on nostalgia, and The Big Bang Theory is still too fresh in people's minds to allow for that. The show is also seeing a continuation of sorts with the spinoff Young Sheldon, on which Bialik has also had a guest cameo.

Whether too soon or not, fans would love to catch up with what Amy, Sheldon, and the rest of the gang are up to these days. When it was first announced that The Big Bang Theory was going to give Sheldon Cooper a love interest, fans were skeptical, believing that, just like Spock, Sheldon worked best when unencumbered with romantic interests.

Bialik had her work cut out for her, but her take on Amy quickly won over the skeptics. At first, Amy Farrah Fowler was designed to be even more unpleasant than Sheldon, and watching the two try to figure out dating in a cold and logical manner was highly entertaining.

Soon, however, Amy evolved from being a female version of Sheldon into her own person, more compassionate, more aware of her own flaws, and almost painfully eager to make friends. The differences between Amy and Sheldon grew so pronounced that when the latter finally popped the "marriage" question at the end of Season 10, the big cliffhanger was whether or not Amy would say yes. According to Bialik, there was a great debate among the show's writers about how Amy should respond.

"To be honest, I'm sure that our writers got to sort of talk it out. We have such an amazing group of writers and I was close with several of them and actually kind of talked to them in the off season - and not influence them in any way. They didn't even necessarily have a unanimous agreement on what should happen. It's something that they had to decide as a show, 'What are we going to do?'"

Fortunately, Amy ended up saying yes, and Sheldon, one of the most misanthropic characters in the history of television, wound up happily married and raising a family with the love of his life. This news originated at Insider.