Big Bang Theory fans have heard about Sheldon Cooper's older brother Georgie for years, but nobody has seen him and all we know is that he's "dumb as soup." That's all about to change since Jerry O'Connell has now been announced as the actor to portray Georgie Cooper in the Season 11 finale of the hit CBS series. The announcement was made during a dual panel at PaleyFest for Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon last night.

Big Bang Theory producer Steve Holland made the announcement and said, "This is the first time it is being announced, so don't tell anyone," joking to the large audience. The Season 11 finale will be the long-awaited wedding between Jim Parsons' Sheldon Cooper and Mayim Bialik's Amy characters. Jerry O'Connell will be joined by Laurie Metcalf who is set to return for the finale as Mary, with executive producer Chuck Lorre adding that she'll be the one to walk Sheldon down the aisle.


As for the 12th season of the Big Bang Theory, star Johnny Galecki has hinted that it might be the last. In recent interviews the actor says that the cast has talked about it and mentioned how sad they'd all be to put an end to the massively popular show. However, Galecki also said that after 12 seasons, it would be nice to go home to his family. Johnny Galecki recently split some of his time between the Big Bang Theory and the Roseanne revival series where he is reprising his role as David Healy.

In other Big Bang Theory news, the cast also discussed the passing of Stephen Hawking during the PaleyFest. The cast did not take his passing lightly and reflected about the time that he was on the show. Jim Parsons recalled, "It was frightening! He is the smartest person you are ever going to meet. It was a true honor." Parson's also said, "I always left the room fast before I said something stupid." Kunal Nayyar said, "I mourned his death like Kunal and like Raj, his presence was a character on our show." The group also talked about working with Bill Gates, whom the cast recalled as a lot of fun. Johnny Galecki even joked that he was going to ask him for a plane.


As for the Season 11 finale of the Big Bang Theory, it hasn't been written yet. But, producers teased the audience about some pretty intense bachelor and bachelorette parties that will go down before the big day for Sheldon and Amy takes place. Sheldon Cooper's bachelor party will probably pale in comparison to Amy's bachelorette party. Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 PM on CBS. As for Jerry O'Connell joining the cast as Sheldon's older brother, you can read the original report over at AOL.