It has been nearly four years since the final episode of Breaking Bad aired.That effectively ended the saga of Walter White, though, that world has been able to continue on via Better Call Saul, which follows Walter's crooked lawyer Saul Goodman. Not to get everyone's hopes up, but Bryan Cranston recently revealed that he would absolutely be up for playing Walter White on Better Call Saul, under the right circumstances.

While promoting SuperMansion season 2, Bryan Cranston sat down to talk with the folks over at Nerdist. The conversation at one point turned to Walter White and whether or not the Breaking Bad character could return on Better Call Saul. Here is what he had to say about it.

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"I don't know. You could [see me on Better Call Saul]. I actually think it would be fun. I have not been approached by it. I know that [creator] Vince [Gilligan] wouldn't do anything that would damage the overall brand that he's worked so hard to develop on a stunt cast kind of thing. And then I think, well what if it isn't?"

Since Better Call Saul takes place before the events of Breaking Bad, bringing back Walter White before his days as the blue-meth-making Heisenberg could be difficult. At least, it could be difficult to do it in a way that felt organic and not forced. But Bryan Cranston already has an idea for how that could happen. It would mean the appearance would be brief, but it would be a nice nod to Breaking Bad fans. Here is his idea for how it could happen.

"What if it's just a brush-by? Just two guys in a market. 'Are those ripe?' 'I don't know.' And we don't even register that we knew each other three years before we see each other again. That's life. It's actually very honest that this happens. So the bottom line is I would do it in a second. If Vince wanted me to be on the show, I'd be on the show."

Vince Gilligan is responsible for both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, so it really is in his hands. AMC would almost certainly be on board, given the popularity of Walter White as a character. It isn't out of the realm of possibility, especially considering that it was recently revealed that Giancarlo Esposito will be showing up in Better Call Saul season 3 as the villainous Gus Fring. It is still a little unclear how he will show up, but Gus Fring was in the Meth game long before his turn on Breaking Bad, so him having a brush with Saul makes a bit more sense within Better Call Saul's timeline.

Better Call Saul season 3 will further explore Jimmy McGill's (Bob Odenkirk) evolution into the crooked lawyer we all know as Saul Goodman. Better Call Saul season 3 is set to premiere on Monday, April 10 on AMC. Since Bryan Cranston admits that nobody has approached him for the show yet, it is very doubtful we'll see Walter White show up this season, but if Better Call Saul gets a season 4, Vince Gilligan could bring him on for a surely welcomed cameo appearance.