Rumors have been swirling about Better Call Saul concluding with Season 6, but star Rhea Seehorn says not to prepare for the end just yet. This week, Seehorn's co-star Giancarlo Esposito made headlines by suggesting that the show, which is currently filming Season 5, would be officially calling it a wrap after it airs Season 6. Although not confirmed by AMC, the news gave fans of the series mixed opinions, with some hoping to see the show continue beyond two more new seasons. Now, we have a little more clarity surrounding the rumors of the show ending, after Seehorn spoke about the status of the series in a recent interview with TV Guide.

According to Rhea Seehorn, Esposito may have been reading too much into something Saul co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould said in jest. "Peter and Vince have said things like, 'Wouldn't it be fun if this had the same number of episodes as Breaking Bad?'" Seehorn explains, noting that the pair said it with grins on their faces. The actress clarifies that Gilligan and Gould don't seem to actually be set on sticking to a set number of episodes, preferring to tell the story organically to see where it takes them. "I don't think it's set in stone. I think they like the idea of, 'What if it was the same amount?' but they'll do whatever they have to do for the story. I know that to be true," Seehorn adds.

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Ending Better Call Saul at the conclusion of Season 6 would let the show have almost the same number of episodes of Breaking Bad. Although the latter ran for only five seasons, some of them ran for longer than the 10-episode seasons Saul has been given, concluding with a total of 62 episodes. Season 6 would put Saul squarely at 60 episodes, with the possibility of AMC adding an extra two to perfectly match the spin-off with its parent series. For reasons outlined by Seehorn, however, trying to adhere to a specific episode count could harm the series creatively, and the possibility of things happening this way is still nothing more than speculation.

Narratively, it seems possible that the show could in fact reach its ending with Season 6. At the end of last season, Jimmy McGill had finally adopted his Saul Goodman moniker to formally practice law. We seem to be fast approaching the beginning of Breaking Bad, and it seems two seasons will be enough time to fill the gap between both shows. Still, given the creative talent involved behind the scenes, it's just as possible there will be enough compelling storytelling to keep the show going beyond Season 6. In any case, because we have Season 5 to get through first, it's not a worry that will be affecting fans in the near future.

AMC has not yet given us an official premiere date for Better Call Saul's next season. However, the show reportedly won't be returning until 2020, leaving Saul Goodman on the shelf for the rest of the year. While fans would certainly prefer quality storytelling over rushed new episodes, the wait for Season 5 is still going to be painful. This information comes to us from TV Guide.