Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are reaffirming their desire to play Walter White and Jesse Pinkman one last time in the upcoming sixth and final season of Better Call Saul. After running on AMC five seasons, Better Call Saul is set to come to a close at the end of its sixth season in 2021. While many actors from Breaking Bad reprised their roles for the prequel series, Cranston and Paul have notably been absent all the while, with not so much as a single mention of their characters making it into the show' first five seasons.

In the past several years, Breaking Bad stars Cranston and Paul have both suggested they'd be open to appearing on Better Call Saul if they just so happened to get that call. The opportunity has not presented itself to either actor just yet, but in a recent Q&A session with fans on Instagram, both Emmy-winning actors make it very clear they're still on board now as they've always been for cameo appearances in the spin-off. "We always get asked about Better Call Saul and whether Jesse or Walt are gonna show up on that show. I don't know how many times we've gotta tell [co-creator Vince Gilligan] that we're ready to do it...I just don't think he loves us anymore," Cranston jokes.

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For his part, Paul seems to feel Gilligan gave Jesse the perfect swan song with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, but he's still not ruling out revisiting the role again some day, whether it's for Better Call Saul or a potential new TV series set in the same universe. "There may be another Breaking Bad story, who knows?" Paul says, teasing another spin-off story to begin after Saul Goodman's story ends. The Westworld star goes on to add: "Could there be another story within that universe? Yeah, absolutely. Do I know that's gonna happen? No. Should it happen? I mean, I don't know."

The obvious obstacle in bringing Walt and Jesse into Better Call Saul is that it would be difficult to work into the story in a way that makes sense creatively. At this point in the Saul timeline, Walt is still teaching high school chemistry and is years away from building his criminal empire, so there isn't much reason for him to bump into any of Better Call Saul's main characters. It would also be implausible for Paul, now 40 years old, to reprise his role as a much-younger teenage version of Jesse at this point in the Saul timeline. However, one simple workaround for these issues would be to include a flash-forward scene from the Breaking Bad timeline featuring Walt and Jesse, but it would still have to be done in a way that makes sense with the story.

In any case, Bob Odenkirk and the rest of the leading Better Call Saul cast will definitely be back for the show's sixth and final season in 2021. Considering the secrecy surrounding Cranston's cameo in El Camino, it seems like there's a good chance they'll want to surprise us again with another for Better Call Saul, so let's keep our fingers crossed for it to happen. The Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Q&A video was originally livestreamed by Aaron Paul on Instagram.