Better Call Saul fans waiting to see what happens next with Saul Goodman will need to be patient, as Season 5 won't be airing until 2020. The news comes straight from the president of the entertainment networks group at AMC Networks, Sarah Barnett. When asked directly about the current status of Saul, Barnett confirmed the series wouldn't be returning until next year. While AMC could theoretically push the issue by demanding new content for this year, the network is choosing to put the series on the backburner at the behest of the talent involved. "It's driven by talent needs, which we would not override if it would result in a worse show," Barnett said about the decision to let the Saul crew take their time with Season 5.


Better Call Saul first premiered on AMC back in 2015. Given the immense popularity of Breaking Bad, the idea was to continue the story in a prequel series starring Bob Odenkirk as sleazy lawyer Jimmy McGill. The show also features franchise favorites like Giancarlo Esposito and Jonathan Banks, while adding talented newcomers to the cast such as Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, and Michael McKean. Neither Bryan Cranston nor Aaron Paul have appeared on the series, but it remains possible one or both could have a cameo in the upcoming new episodes.

While the beginning of Better Call Saul is set years earlier, the current status of the show is rapidly approaching the starting point of Breaking Bad. Jimmy McGill has fully embraced his Saul Goodman persona, and will now formally practice law under the pseudonym. Season 5 will now bring the story so much closer to to its parent series, meaning the end of the show is likely near. Certainly, this was something understood by viewers going in, knowing that the show was a prequel series. If the show concludes with Season 5, it will have the same number of seasons as its predecessor. Like Breaking Bad, Saul would be better served going out with a bang while the series is still fantastic, as opposed to overstaying its welcome and becoming a shell of what it once was.


Of course, with the Breaking Bad movie going into production, there isn't much time to focus on Saul. Set after the events of the series, the movie will reportedly bring back Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman to continue the story. Because Saul Goodman made it to the end of the show alive, it's possible we could be seeing him appear in the upcoming movie as well. That will all depend on how things play out on Saul, considering the character moves to Omaha and assumes a new identity after Breaking Bad. The chances of Jesse coming across him seem slim in light of this, but both shows have taught us to sometimes expect the unexpected.


Fans of Breaking Bad will remember some of the painful waits they had to endure in between seasons. This concept is nothing new for longtime fans of Vince Gilligan's work. Results do speak for themselves, however, and it's better to make sure the show is creatively handled properly rather than letting a rush job affect its quality. Still, it stands to reason there will be a lot of people out there really missing Saul Goodman on the small screen this year. This information comes to us from Vulture.