Yabba Dabba Doo! The Flintstones sequel series is now being developed at Fox, with Warner Bros. Animation revealing several details about the show, which will be titled Bedrock. Elizabeth Banks is attached to star and executive produce the project, with the Hunger Gamesactress reportedly voicing a 20-something version of Pebbles. There is no word yet on who will voice the rest of the family.

"Long before the Simpsons and Springfield, the Griffins and Quahog or even when the Belchers started serving burgers on Ocean Avenue, there were the Flintstones and Bedrock," said Michael Thorn, president of entertainment for Fox Entertainment. "Their imprint on the animation universe is undeniable and the idea of adapting it for today's audience is a challenge we here at Fox are very much looking forward to taking on with Warner Bros., Elizabeth and Lindsay. No pressure whatsoever, really."


The sequel series, Bedrock, will be set 20 years after the events of the original series, picking up with Fred Flintstone, who is now on the brink of retirement, and his 20-something daughter Pebbles, who is embarking on her own career. The series will center on the Stone Age giving way to the "shiny and enlightened new Bronze Age," something that will no doubt rock the residents of Bedrock to their very core.

The Flintstones is one of the most fondly remembered cartoons from the extensive and iconic Hanna-Barbera catalogue, and has gone on to influence pretty much all animated family comedies thereafter. The series takes place in a romanticized Stone Age setting and follows the activities of the title family, the Flintstones, and their next-door neighbors and best friends, the Rubbles. The characters all live in stone houses next door to each other, with various pieces of familiar technology reimagined for this fictional caveman-style society.


Bedrock is being written and co-executive produced by Lindsay Kerns (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, DC Super Hero Girls, Trolls: The Beat Goes On!), with Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman on board to executive produce via Brownstone Productions, alongside the company's Dannah Shinder co-executive producing. Warner Bros. Animation and Fox Entertainment will produce.

"The Flintstones are the first family of primetime animation," said Peter Girardi, executive vice president of alternative programming at Warner Bros. Animation. "Elizabeth and Lindsay have a brilliant take on these characters, and Fox and Brownstone are the perfect partners to bring them back to primetime. This is going to rock (sorry)."


The Flintstones was originally broadcast on ABC from September 30, 1960, to April 1, 1966, running for six seasons, and was the first animated series to hold a prime-time slot on television and also the first animated program to win the Emmy Award for best comedy series. Bedrock is not the first attempt to continue the show's legacy, with several short-lived series like The New Fred and Barney Show and The Pebbles andBamm-BammShow failing to recapture the flame. There have even been several live action adaptations of the series (the less mentioned the better), with Seth MacFarlane attempting to reboot The Flintstones back in 2011, though this ultimately fell through.


Before we return to Bedrock, Fox Entertainment's free streaming platform, Tubi, has acquired the AVOD rights to all six seasons of The Flintstones, which will be available for streaming from May 1. This comes to us from Deadline.