Valerie Wells, who appeared on CMT's short-lived reality series Bayou Billionaires, passed away yesterday at the age of 47. The former reality TV star was the victim of an apparent murder-suicide, after being shot to death outside of a Shreveport, Louisiana McDonald's restaurant. She was shot multiple times while sitting at the wheel of her car, before the killer reportedly turned the gun on himself.

Louisiana news station KSLA reports that Valerie Wells was shot just after 4 PM on Monday, November 7 in the parking lot of the Shreveport McDonald's in the 7000 block of Mansfield Road. She was taken to University Health, where she was later pronounced dead. In a nearby parking lot, Shreveport police found 46-year-old Robert Gaddy, who was suffering from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Gaddy was taken to University Health by the Shreveport Fire Department, where he later died.

Investigators believe that Valerie Wells and Robert Gaddy were involved in a romantic relationship in the past. Valerie Wells and her family are well-known in the Shreveport area through their reality series Bayou Billionaires, which aired on CMT. Here's what Valerie Wells' parents, Kitty Dowden and Gerald Dowden, had to say in a statement that was posted to a social media account following Valerie Wells' death.

"This is really hard on us and her children it is out of order no parents should have to go thru this."

Bayou Billionaires told the modern-day rags to riches story of the Dowden family, who were your typical family when they discovered that their home sits on the fourth largest deposit of natural gas in the United States. They made their fortune by keeping the mineral rights to their land, which they lease to the gas company to extract the natural gas from their property. Valerie was a single mother of three who worked for the public defender's office in Shreveport.

The reality series aired for two seasons spanning 25 episodes from January 2012 to late October 2012. Valerie Wells is survived by her three children, Jessica, Devyn and Nikki, husband Robert Wells, her parents Kitty Dowden and Gerald Dowden, her sister Chantel and brothers Gerald Jr. and Thomas and grandfather, Jim Roy. The murder-suicide is still under investigation by the Shreveport police department at this time.