Kate Kane has returned to Batwoman, but with Krypton star Wallis Day now in the role. After leading the first season of the Arrowverse series on The CW, Ruby Rose announced her departure from the show last year, opening the door for Javicia Leslie to replace her as new protagonist Ryan Wilder. It's now been revealed how the series will be handling Kate Kane and her unresolved storylines moving forward, but before we continue, be warned that SPOILERS for Sunday's episode are ahead.

Since the start of season 2, Ryan Wilder has become the new Batwoman after Kate's mysterious disappearance. It wasn't clear if we'd ever see the original protagonist again, but the character resurfaced in the newest episode, apparently unconscious and severely injured in Gotham's sewers. Although she was unrecognizable beneath bandages, Kate could be identified by her trademark red necklace.

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Kate Kane might be back on Batwoman, but that's not Ruby Rose under those bandages. With the character's return comes the reveal that the role has been recast with Wallis Day stepping in as the new Kate Kane. While Ryan will remain in the Batsuit as Gotham's Batwoman, Kate will play heavily into the storylines in future episodes with Day now in the role. Because everyone else believes Kate is dead, it will be up to her to find a way to survive her current predicament.

"Wallis Day is going to be playing our altered version of Kate Kane, and she's an amazing actress," showrunner Caroline Dries told TVLine. "I'm excited for you guys to see the journey that she endures."

"We decided to let the audience in on this huge secret that while our characters don't know she's alive, she is actually alive," added Dries. "We will watch these two parallel stories of our Bat Team moving on to protect Gotham without being in the shadow of Kate, and Kate going through this complicated and serious journey that will be tough for her and nail-biting to the audience."

Premiering in 2019, Batwoman picks up three years after Bruce Wayne and Batman have mysteriously vanished from Gotham. His cousin, Kate Kane, becomes the new savior of the city at Batwoman, keeping the streets of Gotham City safe from her maniacal sister Alice (Rachel Skarsten). After the season ended, Ruby Rose announced she would not return for season 2, which by that point had already been ordered by The CW.

"You know, you have time in quarantine and sort of isolation to just think about a lot of different things and what you want to achieve in life and what you want to do," Rose told Entertainment Weekly last year, explaining her decision to leave. "I think for both [me and the producers], it was a great opportunity to have a dialogue about a lot of things. I respect them so much and they've been so respectful to me."

Batwoman is currently in its second season, and the series has already been renewed for a third season on The CW. This news comes to us from TVLine.