The CW's Batwoman series is going to feature the origin story of fan-favorite Batman villain Hush. The news was revealed earlier today during the Comic-Con panel for the highly anticipated show. Star Ruby Rose was supposed to be in attendance, but she had to pull out at the last minute due to a conflict in her shooting schedule. Apparently they are working on a pretty ambitious scene and they want to make sure they nail it for when the show premieres in October.

Batwoman executive producers Sarah Schechter and Caroline Dries were on hand at the annual event to deliver more information about the series. In addition, they screened the pilot for those who were lucky enough to be in attendance. After the screening, Dries spoke a little bit about the addition to Batman supervillain Hush. She had this to say.

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"The character of Tommy Elliot... ultimately becomes the supervillain Hush, but we're seeing his origins of why he hates Batman so much."

The first season of Batwoman will develop the Tommy Elliot character, which should be pretty exciting for Batman fans. This will more than likely lead to rumors of a Batman appearance on the show, which seems obvious. Caroline Dries says anything is possible when asked about the addition of the Caped Crusader, but ultimately, that decision will be up to the studio to decide. With that being said, they don't want to overshadow Ruby Rose's Kate Kane either, so if there is an appearance, it probably won't be in the first season. Regardless, DC fans are going to be looking forward to seeing how Hush becomes the supervillain he is today.

Hush was first introduced by comic book writer Jeph Loeb in 2002. He showed up in the Batman comics, running from issue #608-619. The villain watches the Dark Knight from afar and is intent on sabotaging him at every chance he gets. The mysterious bandage faced villain quickly became a fan-favorite and DC fans have been waiting to see a lot more of the character over the years. We've seen him pop up in other storylines from time to time, but Batwoman should give us our best look yet at the villain and his motives.

Following its presence at SDCC, Batwoman will premiere on Sunday, October 6th on The CW at 8 PM ET. The network released a teaser today, but it did not include any footage and instead focused on a bunch of people getting the Batwoman logo tattooed on their bodies. It wasn't the best introduction to the show and many are probably hoping it won't be as campy as the Comic-Con teaser appeared to be. In the end, we'll just have to wait and see, but at least Hush will be involved, which means there will be an element of dark mystery. The Comic-Con news comes to us from the Batwoman TV Site Twitter account.