Gotham City will see its new savior this fall, as The CW has given Batwoman a release date of Oct. 6. Portrayed by Ruby Rose, the character previously debuted in the Arrowverse last year with guest appearances on The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. Given that the flagship series Arrow is fast-approaching the end of its run, the network is no doubt hoping to keep the Arrowverse going in new spin-offs which are just as successful. In October, we'll find out if fans of the other shows are going to turn out en masse for Batwoman as well.

Batwoman is written by Caroline Dries and the pilot is directed by Marcos Siega. Dries and Siega also serve as executive producers, along with David Nutter, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schecter, and Geoff Johns. The series imagines a new version of Gotham City where Batman has been missing for about three years, leading to the city's supervillains to all but completely take over. Without the Dark Knight, the Gotham City Police Department have totally lost control, and it will be up to a new crimefighter make things right. Enter Kate Kane, daughter of the head of the Crows Private Security force which now patrols the streets of Gotham.


In the TV series, Kate Kane had been previously sent away by her father to keep her safe, only to return to Gotham following a dishonorable discharge from military school. She also learns her father has become a target of the Alice in Wonderland gang, facing imminent danger. With the safety of her family and the rest of the residents of Gotham at stake, Kane must assume the role of a vigilante to set things straight. The perfect opportunity presents itself when Kane gains access to the Batcave and all of Batman's gadgetry and equipment, essentially making Batwoman the new Batman. Will she be able to clean up the streets of Gotham City in the same effective ways as her predecessor?


Fan responses to the show's first look trailer have not exactly been very positive. On YouTube, the video has amassed nearly 400,000 dislikes and less than 80,000 likes. It would seem hundreds of thousands of DC fans are already writing off the series, which is definitely not a good sign moving forward. Still, there are others anticipating the new show, and being a part of the Arrowverse may also bring in fans of the other CW shows. The outlook for its future may not be very promising, but now that Gotham on FOX has ended its run, there's now a void on television for Batman content, and Batwoman could be a fix for that.


Also revealed by The CW are the premiere dates for the new seasons of other Arrowverse shows. Supergirl will also premiere on Sunday, Oct. 6, directly after the series premiere of Batwoman. The Flash will soon follow by premiering its next season on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The final season of Arrow will then arrive a week later, premiering its last set of new episodes on Tuesday, Oct. 15. Go ahead and mark those calendars now. This information comes to us from TVLine.