The CW has released a new poster for their upcoming Batwoman TV series. The latest look at the show features Rachel Skarsten as the villainous Red Alice. DC fans have been curious about the show ever since the pilot was ordered, wondering how Ruby Rose will take on the iconic role of Kate Kane. Rose's casting has proven to be divisive since the start and the release of the first trailer back in May has amassed over 418,000 dislikes, while only earning 84,000 likes. With that being said, the network is standing behind their decision and Rose is ready to show the world her take on Batwoman.

Red Alice will be the main antagonist in the Batwoman series, though she doesn't have the same look we saw in the trailer in this new poster. Instead, it seems she is in civilian clothing with a more innocent look, which may tease that she's able to control her madness at times. Whatever the case may be, she has it out for Kate Kane and will stop at nothing to bring Gotham and Batwoman down.

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Red Alice is a fan-favorite villain from the comics and isn't the only one who will be visiting Gotham in CW's Batwoman TV series. Tommy Elliot, aka Hush was announced to be a part of the show during the Comic-Con 2019 panel after screening the pilot episode. Hush is another fan-favorite character, and according to producers Sarah Schechter and Caroline Dries, the show will show his origins, which should get a bunch of fans on board for that factor alone. It's not clear if this origin will end with Hush emerging by the end of season 1, or if this will be a multi-season story arc.

DC fans were hoping to get a better look at the show at Comic-Con, but they unveiled a new teaser without any footage from the show. Fans lucky enough to be in attendance were able to see the pilot, while the rest of us will have to wait until October 6th for the show to premiere. For now, we have the trailer from back in May, which provides a pretty decent look at what we will see this fall when the show debuts.

It's going to be very interesting to see how DC fans react to Batwoman when it arrives. While the YouTube downvotes are an indicator, it is more than likely a bunch of trolls uniting to try and bring down the show. This does not mean they will succeed, but it could be damaging for potential viewers who are turned off by the negativity surrounding the show. We'll just have to wait for the show to premiere and pass judgment after seeing it. While we wait for Batwoman to premiere in October, you can check out the latest poster from the series below, thanks to the Batwoman Twitter account.