The CW's Batwoman is all set to continue its revolutionary streak which it first began by being the first superhero series with a lesbian title character and now by casting Javicia Leslie to play the titular role after Ruby Rose decided to quit the show after just one season. In all the live-action adaptations of the DC superhero, never has there been a black actress headlining the character- Leslie is going to be the first. And she is well aware that her being Batwoman is not merely a role, it is going to be an inspiration that will dismantle the set criteria which earlier used to define what makes a superhero. 

If you pick apart the widespread superhero genre, the amped-up super-protagonists are more often than not white straight males. This imparts a very narrow mindset that no one else is worthy enough to be a saviour- not women, not Black people, not the LGBTQs. Thus Leslie, a Black bisexual actor, is acutely aware that playing Ryan Wilder, a Black lesbian superhero is going to be a big opportunity to at least try and do away with the standard superhero tradition. 

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"I'm constantly reminded about what this means to so many people and how this has really nothing to do with me and everything to do with what putting on that suit means. The first time I put the suit on, I immediately felt an immense amount of responsibility to save the world. Me, Javicia. Not even me as Ryan."

She knows that when countless people will see her in the iconic Batwoman suit, the important fact won't be that Javicia Leslie is playing a superhero, it is how many people she ends up inspiring. "Someone will be impacted and someone will feel represented and someone will feel more powerful," she further added.

"Now that Ryan is becoming Batwoman, I feel like it opens up the possibility of what it really means to be Batwoman and that it doesn't really matter who's under the suit. Anyone can put that suit on and be a hero. I just know that this is only the beginning. I can only imagine where entertainment is going to go when it comes to making sure that superheroes represent everybody. I just look forward to seeing what other kinds of superheroes we're gonna get from the start of this and other shows like this."

For a show that has always aimed to be both inspiring as well as entertaining, Leslie does sound like the best choice to play the titular character and showrunner Caroline Dries wholeheartedly agreed. 

"Javicia came in [to her audition] ... and she just hit every note the way I had it in my head," Dries shared. "She hit the comedy beats, she hit the emotional scenes, she had swagger, she had vulnerability, she had fun. I wanted to infuse a lot of fun into this character, because I wanted to create somebody who's a little bit more aspirational."

The second season of Batwoman is all set to be begin airing its Season 2 episodes from January 17, 2021 on The CW. The news comes to us via Los Angeles Times.