Earlier this week, we showed you the latest trailer from Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, the two-hour Syfy pilot that will be broken up into web series episodes starting Friday, November 9 on Machinima. Today, we have the first clip featuring Luke Pasqualino as William Adama. The young fighter pilot gets into some trouble during a firefight, employing an unorthodox and reckless tactic to get out of the jam, despite coming seconds away from dying due to radiation exposure. What a rebel! Take a look at this scene before the web series kicks off on Friday.

This highly anticipated chapter in the Battlestar Galactica saga takes place in the midst of the first Cylon war. As the battle between humans and their creation, the sentient robotic Cylons, rages across the 12 colonial worlds, gifted fighter pilot, William Adama (Luke Pasqualino, The Borgias), finds himself assigned to one of the most powerful battlestars in the Colonial fleet: the Galactica. Full of ambition and hungry for action, Adama quickly finds himself at odds with his co-pilot, the battle-weary officer Coker (Ben Cotton, Alcatraz). With only 47 days left in his tour of duty, Coker desires an end to battle as much as Adama craves its onset. Lili Bordán (Silent Witness) also stars.