Jensen Ackles dressed up as Batman this year for Halloween, and the pictures show the Supernatural star would make an excellent Dark Knight in The CW's ArrowVerse. To celebrate the fall holiday, many celebrities have been sharing images of themselves in their Halloween costumes all throughout social media.

One of the biggest winners this year is clearly Jensen Ackles, whose photos of himself as Batman on Instagram garnered over one million likes in less than 24 hours. Going so far as to pose as the Caped Crusader on a hotel rooftop in an amazing Batsuit made by Clockwork Shadow Creations, Ackles makes it clear he would make an awesome Bruce Wayne, and now I'm kind of wishing this was for an actual Batman movie.

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Recognizing his own connection to Batman, Ackles' Supernatural co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan appropriately responded to the post. "AWESOME. And? I'm Batman's dad. So this whole thing works for me!" Morgan writes from his Instagram account. Of course, Morgan is referring to his role in the Zack Snyder crossover movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he portrayed Thomas Wayne alongside Lauren Cohan as his wife Martha. Additionally, Morgan has expressed interest in playing the Flashpoint version of Batman for a movie or TV project if the opportunity came along. However, with The Batman already in development with Robert Pattinson playing the caped crusader, this doesn't seem likely to happen anytime soon.

Ackles is certainly best known for co-starring with Jared Padalecki as the Winchester brothers on the sci-fi series Supernatural, where Morgan also played their father. He also has some experience playing characters in DC-based projects already, as he had a main role on the Superman prequel series Smallville and voiced Jason Todd in the animated feature Batman: Under the Red Hood. Ackles has yet to appear in any Marvel projects, though he reportedly auditioned for the role of Captain America in the MCU before it went to Chris Evans. Additionally, he also turned down the role of Hawkeye, citing his arduous shooting schedule with Supernatural.

As of now, Supernatural is in the midst of its fifteenth and final season, and it will be interesting to see where Ackles winds up next. Padalecki has already lined up his next starring role in an upcoming reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger, taking over the role originally played by Chuck Norris. As well, Morgan continues to play one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead, and his run on the hit AMC series is unlikely to end anytime soon. What's next for Ackles remains unclear, but with his schedule wide open, perhaps now is the time for the actor to commit to taking on an iconic superhero role. He certainly deserves it.

It's always fun on Halloween when celebrities dress up as iconic pop culture characters, as it gives us a little peek at what some fan casting choices might look like. We probably won't be seeing Ackles playing Batman on the big screen anytime soon, but seeing him in the Batsuit for the festive fall holiday is still pretty amazing. This news comes to us from Jensen Ackles on Instagram.