WWE Superstar Ricochet wore ring gear inspired by Batman Beyond for the company's Survivor Series pay-per-view event Sunday night, and lead voice actor Will Friedle has taken notice. On the wrestling show, Ricochet wore full-body tights which were red and black in color with a familiar red bat symbol on the chest. While the mask was the only thing missing, the outfit was clearly modeled after the popular cartoon character, and now Friedle - who voiced the new version of Batman on the animated series - is calling out the wrestler in a new post on Twitter.

"Hey, King Ricochet... I think you stole my suit," Will Friedle says in a tweet, which is accompanied with a side-by-side comparison image of Ricochet and Batman Beyond's Batman. For his part, Ricochet took no offense and actually seems thrilled to be acknowledged by Friedle, as his fandom for the actor goes beyond Batman Beyond into another popular series from the '90s. "As someone who as seen Boy Meets World all the way through, multiple times, this is the highlight of my day," the wrestler writes, referring to Friedle's role as Eric Matthews on the classit sitcom. Ricochet also clarifies his choice of wardrobe by adding: "Also, not stole. Inspired by!"


Oddly enough, Terry McGinnis wasn't the only DC character to be acknowledged by way of custom ring attire worn by a WWE superstar at SummerSlam. Challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship, luchador wrestler Rey Mysterio competed in his match wearing an outfit modeled after the Joaquin Phoenix version of the Clown Prince of Crime in Joker. Unfortunately, Mysterio did not exactly do Arthur Fleck proud, as Lesnar decimated the much-smaller wrestler and even his son during the course of the no-holds-barred championship brawl. Ricochet did not fare much better, as his team lost their Men's Survivor Series Elimination match.


Batman Beyond first began airing in 1999. Set in the future in the same universe as Batman: The Animated Series, the show brings back Kevin Conroy to voice an older version of Bruce Wayne. Filling in as the new Dark Knight of Gotham City is Terry McGinnis, who's voiced by Will Friedle. The series came to an end in 2001 after airing 52 episodes across three seasons, though in the years since going off the air, Batman Beyond has garnered quite a large cult following. Although Robert Pattinson will play the Dark Knight in 2021's The Batman, many fans of the Caped Crusader have been calling for a live-action Batman Beyond movie with Michael Keaton playing an older Bruce Wayne.


As for Ricochet, this is also not even the first time the wrestler has designed his ring attire after a DC character, as his outfit at this year's SummerSlam was modeled after Nightwing. Of course, as he refers to himself as "WWE's Resident Superhero," none of this is particularly surprising to wrestling fans. Stay tuned to WWE programming to see which superhero Ricochet will model his ring gear after next. This news comes to us from Will Friedle on Twitter.