Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has increased its run of Batman: The Animated Series Deluxe Limited Edition to 70,000 to accommodate overwhelming demand for the most anticipated Blu-ray box set release of 2018. Remastered for the first time since its broadcast airing from 1992-1995, the stunning box set for $112.99 SRP will be available on October 30, 2018.

"As many fans and media have noticed, Amazon and other notable retailers were forced to suspend sales of Batman: The Complete Animated Series Deluxe Limited Edition due to unprecedented demand for this beloved series," explained Jeff Brown, General Manager and Executive Vice President, Television, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. "Sales surpassed our initial run of 30,000 limited edition box sets about four weeks ago and, rather than leave so many fans wanting, we implemented new production orders to accommodate the requests for this prized collection. A significant portion of those increased numbers have already sold, and all sites are accepting orders again."

Batman: The Animated Series is considered by many to be the definitive take on the iconic DC comics character. For those who weren't around when the series original aired in the 90s, they can now catch up on approximately 2,700 minutes of entertainment spread over 10 Blu-ray discs. And if that doesn't keep you busy enough heading into the New Year, there are two bonus discs filled to the brim with exciting new deep dives into this seminal series.


Also included are eleven specially selected episodes featuring audio commentary from the cast and crew, giving all the insight you could ever hope for when it comes to this animated classic. And when you get done watching, you can continue enjoying the show with some exclusive collectibles that aren't available anywhere outside of this set.

This includes three Funko mini-figurines, with the show's best characters represented. Yes, you will get your own Batman, Joker, and Harley Quinn to play with. Then, there are seven beautifully-designed lenticular art cards. Housing this beautiful box set is a stunning layflat-book with a dazzling slipcase. Rounding out the set, you'll also get a digital copy of all 109 episodes, so you can pretty much take Batman: The Animated Series with you anywhere. Seriously, how else did you plan on getting through two straight days of non-stop Batman action?


Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, the Emmy Award-winning series captured the imaginations of generations, setting the standard for super hero storytelling for the past quarter-century with its innovative designs, near-perfect voice cast and landmark approach to DC's iconic characters and stories. Now, even more fans can enjoy this massive box set, with Warner Bros. going back to the pressing plant due to this overwhelming demand. We've always known that Batman was not just one of DC Comics most popular characters. but he may just be the biggest superheroes in the world. And it doesn't hurt that he gets an assist from Harley Quinn, who makes her debut here, and the elusive Joker. This is one set you simply can't pass up. This latest update comes straight from Warner Home Entertainment.