Quite arguably the single greatest adaptation of the Batman comics into another medium is finally coming to Blu-ray. Batman: The Animated Series is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and the cast and creators came together over the weekend at New York Comic Con to celebrate the occasion. During the panel, it was announced that the beloved show is finally making its way to Blu-ray in 2018, though, no specific release date was announced.

Long-time animation publicist Gary Miereanu made the announcement during the Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary panel at New York Comic Con, but he didn't have much else to reveal about the release for now. There's no indication on what the price point is going to look like, or if it will all be released in a single box set, or if it will be released as individual season sets. Either way, this is something that Batman fans have been looking forward to for a long time. Not to say that price doesn't matter, but fans are likely to shell out to see the series remastered.


This news of Batman: The Animated Series finally getting remastered for Blu-ray comes shortly after Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was released on Blu-ray in July. That particular movie was born out of the success of the animated show and was the only animated, theatrically released Batman movie, until The LEGO Batman Movie was released earlier this year. That release gave fans some hope that the entire animated series would make its way to Blu-ray and it looks like those prayers have been answered.

Batman: The Animated Series debuted in 1992, following the success of Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie. The series remains one of the most acclaimed adaptations of Batman, or comic books in general. The show won four Emmy Awards during its run. The original series ran from 1992 to 1995, with follow-up series, The New Batman Adventures, following from 1997 to 1999. The shows make for a combined total of 109 episodes. Kevin Conroy provides the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the series and is considered by many fans to be the "one true Batman." The show also features Mark Hamill as the Joker and is notable for introducing the character of Harley Quinn to the DC universe.


The entire run of Batman: The Animated Series was released on DVD in 2008, but the Blu-ray remaster is sure to be a much better way to watch the show once it's released. According to Comic Book Resoures, Gary Miereanu simply said that the Blu-ray release will come "later' in 2018, so, unfortunately, we can't say for sure when you can look forward to adding the show to your personal collection. There was also no word on what bonus features and content will be included with the release, but we can expect that Warner Bros. will include some cool content to help encourage fans to purchase the series.