After they got the rug pulled out from under them last week on Ballers, Spencer Strassmore (Dwayne Johnson) and his eccentric partner-in-crime Joe (Rob Corddry) have to think of a new way that they can still stay in this game and make a bid for the Raiders relocation plans. The fact that sleazy ass Wayne Hastings Jr. (Steven Guttenberg) went with the competing group instead of sticking with them leaves them without the proper financial resources to pursue the deal. So they go back to the one person who had offered to help them before even if they don't want to, Julian Anderson (Steven Weber). Of course, the problem with that is convincing his brother Brett (Richard Schiff) to want him back on board since we've already seen these two don't exactly send each other Christmas cards. While Spencer is more of the smooth talker, Joe tends to just lay it out there and he does so again by telling Brett that he needs to "stop acting like a bitch-ass little crybaby and just talk to your brother like a fucking man!" Well, everyone has their own style of doing things. Especially in this final Season 3 episode Yay Area.

Over in Miami, we have two other situations going on with some friends of theirs. First off Ricky Jerret (John David Washington) is going to fly off to Los Angeles to see his baby mama Amber (Brittany S. Hall) and his best pal "T." (Carl McDowell) is not happy about it. He thinks that Amber is somehow laying a trap for Ricky to mess up his life. Ricky responds with telling him that until he gets a new contract with the Patriots that he needs to go and get his head straight. It ends with "T." telling him that if things go wrong for him, he's not going to be there to help him out. I can't figure out if he's genuinely worried about Ricky or he's just concerned about being cut out of his life.

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At the Greane household Jason (Troy Garity) has come over to tell Charles (Omar Miller) that even though the Chargers changed their minds on him, the Rams are now interested in interviewing him for the GM position. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much time to prepare because the interview is that day and Charles needs to hurry up and get on a plane for LA. We all believe in you, Charles. You got this big guy!

In San Francisco, Spencer is meeting up with Chloe (Serinda Swan) because she just got into town for the owner's meetings. She right off the bat is upfront and tells him that Wayne knows about their relationship and feels it's a conflict of interest. Obviously, this upsets Spencer Strassmore but Chloe is still angry with him over his little stunt he pulled in trying to make her a mother without her consent. Spencer apologizes and says he realizes it was a bad mistake on his part and he's trying to do better. Then he tries to suggest she come work for him if their relationship is a problem. Chloe does not even consider it for a second and she informs Spencer that he's going to lose the relocation deal. Wayne has Candace (Emayatzy Corinealdi) in his pocket and she's going to use the money to quit the League office after this over. Well, at least now we know why Candace has been such a pain in the ass this whole time. But after she drops that bomb she says goodbye and leaves. Has Spencer just lost another potential girlfriend?

Well, Spencer is just going to have to table this problem for another time as he's sitting down with the Brothers Anderson and Joe so they can talk about what to do about working together. And it comes as no surprise that Brett and Julian start arguing instantly. Spencer steps in and officiates the situation by telling them to remember they are family and they should cherish what time they have together because one day it's going to be all over. He tells them they can share in the construction and the profits of the stadium equally so that way everything is fair. The brothers seem to be on board, but Brett asks Spencer what are they going to do about land in Las Vegas to build the stadium? Spencer simply answers that they don't need any land. Excuse me? Unless he's thinking of putting the stadium in Cloud City that would be a problem.

Checking in on Ricky Jerret he has arrived (with flowers) to Amber's house but she doesn't look too thrilled to see him. He tells her that his priorities have changed and that their baby is all he cares about so will she please give him another chance. She tries to give him the mean face to make him sweat but then she drops her guard and kisses him. To demonstrate how serious he is, Ricky takes a video announcing how he is retiring from football to focus on being a father. He posts it on Instagram for all to see which unfortunately includes "T." who just shakes his head in disbelief. Looks like next season for Ricky will be a whole lot different.

At the LA Rams headquarters, Charles is being interviewed by real-life former coach Eric Mangini and he is trying his best to tell them everything they want to hear. He takes a lot of his speech off of a playbook that Jason gave him which belongs to a guy who already works in the league. It doesn't seem to impress Mangini at all and he simply thanks Charles for coming in. As he's just about out the door he has one last thing to say and he gives Mangini a speech on how he believes the coaches, players, and front office all have to be united. That if he did get this job he would put all his heart into it because that's what he did as a player and a scout to get him where he is today. Mangini gets a big smile on his face and tells him this the kind of guy they are looking for! Well done, Charles!

Meanwhile, back in San Francisco its show time as Spencer, Joe, and the Anderson brothers get ready to go before the owners to make their play for the stadium deal. As they are about to go in, Wayne Hastings is coming out of the room and makes the comment to Spencer that he should've come over to his side because now he's going to lose. Spencer replies with a firm "Fuck you," and keeps on going. About time someone said that to Hastings, the guy annoys the crap out of me.

Once inside Spencer gives a presentation unlike he's done this season. He gives a speech, but not one where he has to curse or over embellish about the how they will be doing a huge movement to change football. He simply speaks about the joy of the game and the wonderful feeling it gives to watch it. The twist is he tells the owners there's no reason to leave Oakland at all! That's when he directs them to look out the window and see the hundreds of fans all done up in their Raiders gear chanting in the name of their team. Clever idea by Spencer to show the owners they will upset a lot of people if they take the team out of the city.

But he's not in this alone as Joe and the Anderson brothers also make their voice heard and state how it's better to keep the team in Oakland not only because there is a better market for television but because if they stay they won't have to ask for public funding. Julian will bankroll the stadium himself so that way the owners will look like even better folks for not costing the fans anything. Bossman (Christopher McDonald) and the other owners like the idea and will consider it. Take that Candace!

Later that night, the four guys are having drinks at a bar, impatiently waiting to hear back from the owners on their decision. When Bossman finally gives Brett a call, they get good news that the contract to build the stadium is theirs! They won! But after their initial celebration dies down Bret has one last nugget of information to reveal. The stadium is still going to be built in Las Vegas. All of a sudden the smile on Spencer's face disappears. He states how the point was to keep the team in the city for the people of Oakland. Brett tells him it's not exactly what they wanted, but so what because they still go the deal. Well, it's not good enough for Spencer, and he wants no part of it. This is the part where I know this is a television show so I'll let him have his idealism, but I don't believe this is how it would play out in real life.

So now back in Miami, Joe and Spencer are back at ASM among the employees who are currently packing up the office as they get ready to move on. But first, the guys have an announcement to make. They realize they made a mistake with trying to get in with the likes of billionaires and they now realize it's not for them. So they are taking ASM off the sales block and coming back to run it. And the Anderson brothers are giving them money so they can expand the company more. The crowd goes wild ladies and gentleman! So now Spencer and Joe will be running the show on their own. That's all for Season 3 Baller Nation. Hope you all had fun with the look inside the political underbelly of the NFL this year. There's definitely going to be a lot of transition going into Season 4. We'll wait and see what Spencer and Co. have for us next time around on HBO!

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