Last week on Ballers, our boy Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) found out that while he still does have viable sperm, they are slowly crapping out on him. His doctor advises him that time is of the essence so that evening Spencer decides to give his girl Chloe (Serinda Swan) an unexpected surprise of not pulling out the next time they have sex.

Now, in this weeks episode Crackback it is the next day and Spencer is with Chloe at the airport waiting to fly San Francisco as she is returning to Vegas. She buys a morning-after pill to make sure she's safe from Spencer's little swimmers but, while he apologizes he also finds this as a way to ask her if she would mind having a child with him. Well, I guess it seemed like a good time to ask? When she puts him on the spot and asks if he's just having a mid-life crisis or if he really wants to have a child with her in particular, he freezes up. That pause is all she needs for an answer as she proceeds to take the pill. Guess he should've thought through this plan before presenting it to her.

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Over at Ricky Jerret's place, we catch him just finishing up a phone call with Amber because she sent him a picture of her ultrasound. He is so overjoyed with being a father that he tells her "I love you," which sends a shock of terror to his good buddy T.'s (Carl McDowell's) ears. T. tells him that he barely knows the girl, but Ricky reminds him that this is his baby mama so it's different. Ricky is also reminded of the concussion he secretly has and the Patriots are supposed to come by his place later to sign his new contract. But Ricky's only plan for that is to still keep it to himself and take whatever contract they give him.

Meanwhile, Spencer is now in San Francisco for the NFL owners meetings and he is sitting down with the Oakland Raiders front office. Just when he thought this deal was almost locked up he finds out there is another group that has entered the picture with a competing offer. This makes Spencer livid considering everything he has sacrificed to get to this point and demands to know how they could even be considering this. He is told the difference is this group is actually endorsed by the league while we all know this whole time he has not been. The Raiders answer to Spencer, try a new proposal to convince them otherwise. This has just put a huge wrench in his machine which could break the whole factory.

Back in Miami, at Dolphins HQ Mr. Siefert (Dule Hill) has a cardboard box on his desk and is packing his office things up. Charles (Omar Benson Miller) offers up his condolences about him getting fired citing that was never his intention-he just wanted to make the team better. Siefert doesn't seem to believe him, as he tells Charles he's "a killer" and that one day he's going to have to realize that. He does tell Charles that he should get ready for the offer to become the new GM, because of his good relationship with the new coach. Charles thinks he's talking crazy but Siefert informs him that he really has a talent for finding good players, just like the one he had in hiring him. In what is probably the closest thing they've had to having "a moment" they pause and stare at each other. "Good-bye, Charles," Siefert says. Charles gives him a nod of acknowledgment and walks out. Can't say I'm going to miss Siefert because he was always such a dick to Charles, but I applaud Hill for the great work he's done on the show.

Over at the Jerret household, T. has told Dennis (Robert Ray Wisdom) about Ricky's concussion because the weight of something so serious was too much for him to keep secret. While Ricky is very displeased with his friends' big mouth, Dennis comes in and tells him this is something he needs to really sit down and think about. He's had friends who played the game and weren't right mentally or physically after. He urges his son to get the proper medical help to fix himself before he steps back on the field. Papa knows best Ricky!

Heading back to the West Coast, Spencer is at a drink mixer for the owner's meetings when he sees his nemesis Candace (Emayatzy Corinealdi) and decides to try and get some information out of her. When she is abrasive with him right from the start he sucks up his pride and apologizes for any way he might've offended her in their past encounters. She accepts his apology so Spencer thinks he's good to go about asking her who else is in on bidding for the Vegas deal. Candace isn't folding that easily. She tries to enlighten Spencer on how he doesn't belong with the other owners who are in the room. I feel like she gave him this same speech before, but earlier in the season? Anyway, her suggestion is that the two groups merge their bid for the deal. The new one will take the majority but his group will still benefit even though they have to take a back seat. She tells Spencer with complete certainty that he "can't win, they won't let you." This lady never does anything but bring bad news.

The Patriots have one of their representatives go over to Ricky's house to deliver him the new contract. They mention how coach Belichick couldn't make the trip himself but I think is more the producers couldn't get the most successful coach ever to make a cameo. Ricky is presented a contract of $20 million for two years which gets smiles from both him and his agent Jason (Troy Garity). As he sits there and stares at the papers in front of him, his conscious from his talk with Dennis earlier gets the better of him. He tells the Patriots he has a concussion-and that he's had it for months. Ricky also goes on to say he would like to get the proper medical attention from the team doctor before he gets back on the field. The Patriots seem understanding, as the rep just says he needs to step out to make a phone call. But then to both Ricky and Jason's dismay, he starts his car and takes off! So much for honesty being the best policy.

Speaking of honesty, over at the Greane household Charles is sitting at his laptop when his wife Julie (Jazmyn Simon) comes home and mentions she heard about Siefert getting fired. She thought her husband would be excited but all he's thinking about is resigning. In spite of Siefert thinking he would get offered the GM job, all he got was being told he's still keeping his position as the assistant. And that's on top of no guarantee that the new GM might not still replace him. So he tells Julie he wants to leave the Dolphins so he can be in control of his own destiny. Like the wonderful and understanding wife she usually is, she backs her man on this idea.

Finally, in Oakland, Spencer and Joe (Rob Corddry) decide to get nostalgic and go to the Raiders stadium to think over their big day that beholds them tomorrow. While their there Spencer gets a call from Wayne Hastings Jr. (Steve Guttenberg) and he asks them if they are planning on joining the other group. When Spencer tells him no, Hastings informs him that he is defecting to the other side. Can't say I'm all that surprised because businessman just think about money and not how many bodies they leave behind in their destruction. And why is Wayne never wearing pants? I wonder if it's a character choice by Guttenberg. These last couple of episodes have not been going well for Spencer and Joe.

Next week is the big finale on HBO! Do you think Spencer and Joe come out on top or fail into financial misery?

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