After a little more serious than usual episode of Ballers last week, they are back with jumping right into focusing on the Las Vegas deal happening and revisiting Spencer's (Dwayne Johnson) sperm count situation. Things are back to normal, for sure in Alley-Oops.

After having a petty argument with his current gal pal Chloe (Serinda Swan) over taking over his bathroom with all her female cosmetics Spencer gets a call from the fertility doctor's office letting him know that his results are available so they would like him to come in for a meeting to discuss them. Naturally, "Mr. Busy" tries to get out of it, but with the doctor insisting on him making an appearance if he wants to know if his boys can "swim", he better show up.

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Before we get to more of Spencer and his Vegasness, Ricky (John David Washington) is dealing with the results of him revealing to the New England Patriots know that he is bipolar. His agent Jason (Troy Garity) promises him that the team will still sign him to a long term deal as long as he continues with his therapy and medication. Ricky is not feeling as confident though since he already is worried about the possible side effects and the pills affecting his performance on the football field. But Jason puts it to him straight, that if he doesn't stay on his meds, he won't be playing ball. I guess Ricky better hope that he can avoid that typical long list of effects.

Over at IMG Spencer and Joe (Rob Corddry) are walking around the facility and discussing how they are going to break the news to their employees about selling the company. Joe has scheduled a meditation retreat to distract them while the IMG appraisers will be over at ASM. Joe expresses real concern to Spencer over their employees fitting in at IMG. He's worried that they will all be fired, but Spencer thinks they'll all be fine whether they do or not. Easy for you to say, Spencer, since you're the one who is coming out a winner in all of this. One more interesting thing is Spencer mentions how he has lunch plans with Chloe later and Joe is surprised the woman is still around. When Spencer says he has no intention of getting rid of her, Joe reminds him, "Yeah you will, you always do." The look on Spencer's face shows that he knows he deserves that, and his lack of response confirms how true Joe knows his ways.

At Miami Dolphins HQ Charles (Omar Benson Miller) and Mr. Siefert are talking about who the team is going to hire for a new coach, now that Coach Berg has been fired. While he was optimistic about an interview offer he had with the Chargers last week, Jason sends him a text saying they changed their mind. He controls his disappointment though and tries to go about his work with Siefert. When he is asked his opinion on hiring a member of the Detroit Lions staff, Charles disagrees citing his specialty doesn't fit the players they have. When he suggests their own in house man Larry Csonka, Siefert shuts him down immediately.

At the mediation retreat, Joe walks around and collects his employee's cellphones, telling them it's part of the retreat when he actually just wants to make sure they don't learn about IMG being at their place of business. He lets his secretary Virginia (Tiffany Jeneen) and one other named Natalie (Aina Dumlao) keep their phones which would end up being a big mistake.

Meanwhile, before Spencer can deliver the bad news to his workers he has to go see the doctor about his fertility. The results are unfortunately not good as he is told his sperm are "declining at a rapid rate." The doctor tells him it's from his stress and substance abuse taking over the years but the damage has already been done so there's nothing he can do to fix his condition. He still has "functioning swimmers" but, he better hurry up and get to it if he wants to have children. If only he had a special lady in his life?

Backed into a corner of unhappiness Charles decides to make an aggressive decision and visits the Dolphins owner (Matt McCoy) to tell him he disagrees with Siefert's desire to hire the coach from Detroit. While the owner says he doesn't like being told "how to run his team," Charles responds with his words only come out of honesty and the desire to make the team better. He gives the owner a convincing speech on how Csonka is the best one to take over because he's been with the organization for so long and has the respect of the players. When the owner does mention how he had been thinking about it, he questions why no one else had said anything. Charles informs him that he tried to suggest Csonka to Siefert but his idea was dismissed. But the part that really helped in Charles' favor, is when he tells the owner how he had to fire Coach Berg himself because Siefert didn't have the guts to do it. The puzzled reaction from the owners' face shows that he had no idea it had gone down that way. In the end, Charles gets his wish and they do promote Csonka to head coach. While he celebrates the owner backing his horse, the look Siefert gives him of disapproval can't hold smooth sailing for Charles in that office. Hang tough, Charles!

Returning to our meditation group Joe has brought in Maximo (Clifton Collins Jr.) to lead the day of spirituality. Maybe an unconventional choice but any reason to keep his character around works for me. After he is done leading them through a peaceful session he opens up a curtain to show a "rage room" for an alternative way to get their emotions out. The ironic timing is one of the employees who did not go to the retreat, returns to ASM and sees the appraisers in the office. He texts Natalie who when she reads it goes into a feral rage and trashes the entire "rage room." While Joe is very amused by her taking part in the exercise, he is taken aback when she comes out and reveals to the group about the appraisers being at ASM. Should've been more thorough with taking those phones Joe!

Finally, Spencer arrives to relieve Joe of having to deal with the disgruntled group of workers. While Joe reiterates how he doesn't feel good about what they're doing, Spencer explains that Wayne Hastings Jr. (Steve Guttenberg) has already secured them the land to build the stadium on and IMG has given them a great offer to sell the company for. He goes on to tell him that this will put them in a better position with the league so that they can have influence and help out other players in the future. Plus when Joe is told he gets two million dollars from the sale, he suddenly seems less uncomfortable about what they are doing. Or is he?

Spencer sits all of the employees down and tries to give them a speech with a positive spin on their situation but it doesn't work out as he had hoped. Even though he adds they will be getting a "parting gift" of money from the sale they still feel that they are all going to lose their jobs. Spencer promises that even if they all do get laid off he will personally be there for all of them to help them out. As the meeting ends they all get up and leave with frowns on their faces. I don't think they're too happy with you Spencer.

I guess they used up all of Ricky's time last week because we've barely seen him in this episode. We find him at his house talking to his father Dennis (Robert Wisdom) about wanting to not take his medication. His father discloses how all the men before them have had some kind of mental issues so this isn't much of a surprise to him. He tells him that this is just how it is with their genes so if the doctors think the medication can help him he should take it. In an effort to not let him think he's alone, his father pulls out his own bottle of pills. To Ricky's surprise, he reveals to him that he started taking them before he came to find his son. And that was the best decision he could have made.

As Joe and Spencer sit at the bar they both have heavy hearts about what they're doing to the people that have done so much for them. Joe just can't get over how shitty he feels about all this and Spencer (again) tries to remind him of the money he's getting from this deal. While he takes that and simmers on it for a bit Joe then reminds Spencer of all the times he's helped him, their clients, and even their boss Mr. Anderson. He used to think of people before the money and now he's turned into the "greedy, asshole, one-percenters" that they used to despise. And with that Joe gets up and leaves without saying anything else. Damn, that's two big blows he's dropped on Spencer in this HBO episode! He's pulling no punches this week. Spencer sits there and just takes it to heart, he doesn't even know what to think anymore. What do you all think of Spencer? Is he turning into a bad person or just trying to succeed in life on Ballers?

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