So last week on Ballers, Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) finally convinced Wayne Hastings Jr. (Steve Guttenberg) to front some of the money and land for a new football stadium in Las Vegas for the now Las Vegas Raiders. This is one of those fun instances of life imitating art with the real life Oakland Raiders also moving to Las Vegas. Meanwhile Spencer, Joe (Rob Corddry), and Mr. "Sometimes Bret" Anderson (Richard Schiff) have to find a way to come up with the rest of the money. When Spencer suggests asking Anderson's company for the rest the dude starts to freak out, explaining to Spencer that he's not actually on the greatest terms with the rest of the board.

But in typical Spencer fashion, he simply gives Anderson "that look" and a motivating speech that reassures him of the faith he (Spencer) has in his (Anderson's) character to pull it off. 

In the latest episode I Hate New York, our heroes make their way to the CEO's house in the Hampton's with Mr. Anderson still anxious as all hell. Finding themselves alone before entering the home of the CEO, Mr. Anderson attempts to pull Spencer and Joe aside seemingly to relay some important pretext before entering when Mr. CEO himself comes out to greet them. Low and behold it turns out that the CEO is actually the younger brother of Mr. Anderson, Julian! (Veteran actor Steven Weber).

 Once inside the Hampton House, Julian is questing Bret on why he would want to branch out into sports. While Bret tries to explain his reasons Julian quickly bores of him, and instead asks Spencer to pitch him instead. It's quickly evident why Bret never mentioned his brother before.

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Spencer explains how a stadium wouldn't just be for football, but for numerous other events. Julian chimes in asking how they'll make time for their clients, to which Joe reassures him it won't be a problem since he is currently handling it. Julian mentions the Vernon incident, how he got suspended for pot, and uses that as an example of them biting off more than they can chew. Which results in an outburst from Bret who quickly loses patience for his brother and lets him hear how much of an egotistical jerk he always is. Spencer, realizing that this sibling rivalry will go nowhere, decides to throw up the double middle fingers and throws a "fuck off" at Julian as they walk out the door.

Anyways, we're next updated on our favorite wide receiver Ricky Jerret (John David Washington) as he goes to visit Julie Greane (Jazmyn Simon) to talk about how his head is all messed up these days. His incident of confusing his neighbors home for his own has him concerned. Especially since there's camera footage of him swinging on the kid that lived there all over the internet. He also mentions that he's experiencing dizziness and headaches. Julie recommends that he goes and sees a Neurologist friend of hers named Dr. Robbins (Stacy Ann Rose).

Why didn't they just start out with this storyline instead of the stupid baby mama drama that went absolutely nowhere? Maybe that will pop back up later on. Anyways.

While visiting Dr. Robbins, Ricky is subjected to a few memory tests. And unfortunately, they didn't go so well. Dr. Robbins diagnoses Ricky with post-concussion syndrome and tells him he needs to chill out with the strenuous actives, including football, for a month. Ricky asks if he'll be ready for the season but she can't guarantee he will be healed up in time. Uh oh, especially since he's in the middle of negotiating his contract with the Patriots. 

Fearing that he may be out of a job, Ricky decides to tell his agent Jason (Troy Garity) to stop trying to get more money out of the contract and to simply lock down whatever offer he can get now.

Remember that crazy ass dinner we had last week at Charles' (Omar Benson Miller) house with the Coach (Peter Berg) and Mr. Siefert (Dule hill)? Yea, well that didn't go without repercussions. Siefert asks Charles to go down to the Dolphins training camp and fire the coach, even though he doesn't want to. But Charles knows he has no choice in the matter. Upon seeing Coach Berg (Yes, he kept his name for the character), Charles immediately lets him know that Siefert is firing him. Coach Berg calls Siefert a "chickenshit" for sending someone else to do his dirty work. Coach Berg says he's unfazed because he'll find another job in a week, before remembering back to the brisket knife on the table at dinner and wishing he has used it to stab Siefert in the face.

Really unfazed huh? Before he leaves, Coach Berg tells Charles how great of a job he's been doing and that everyone knows the players on the field are there because of him. Charles accepts his compliment as Berg leaves, before angrily throwing water bottles everywhere and pushing the drink station table over. Damn, he's gonna be missed.

Meanwhile, back at Dolphins HQ, Charles walks in on Jason and Kisan (Kris D. Lofton) celebrating the fact that Siefert finally signed him to the team. Charles reassures Siefert that he is making a good decision, in which Siefert responds that it's Charles' problem now. He reminds him that if Kisan does well, then Siefert will take the credit for it, but if he ends up being a problem then its Charles' mistake. Charles leaves knowing he made a good call, even though he is irritated with the politics of it all.

When Charles returns home he tells his wife that he's done being Siefert's dog and he's going to put himself out there and look for another job.

Anyways, back to our three heroes in New York. They find out that their flight has been grounded due to "Mechanical difficulties". But Mr. Anderson is sure that it has something to do with his brother Julian.

Seeing as how they have a lot of downtime now, the three decide to spend their day drinking and playing pool in a local bar. Eventually Julian finds them and reveals that he did indeed ground their plane because he wanted to do more research about the project. Realizing that it's actually a good idea, he decides to put the rest of the money up. But of course, he wants to control the whole thing himself and will be making himself CEO of the move. Ummm, yeah, Spencer and Mr. Anderson aren't feeling it and they tell Julian no.

As their afternoon turns into night and their beers into shots, Mr. Anderson decides his going to move forward with the project and cash out his family trust, sell his part in Anderson Financial, and get a loan from the bank by putting all his assets up for collateral! Spencer and Joe tell him he's crazy but there's no convincing him. The man has made up his mind. Is this going to be a great decision or the beginning of the end of Spencer's career? We'll find out next week on HBO.

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