After all their efforts on Ballers last week, with Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) and Joe (Rob Corddry) working overtime to get all the big players to agree to join together and try to get this idea of moving a professional team to Vegas, that now seems like the easy part. It's even harder to get rich billionaires to part with any of that money they worked hard to earn. As they have a meeting with Wayne Hastings Jr. (Steven Guttenberg), Bossman (Christopher McDonald) and Bret Anderson (Richard Schiff) in the latest episode Make Believe, there are lots of great, creative ideas floating about but in the end, no one wants to write the check to make anything happen. And to make matters worse, Spencer's favorite league office employee Candace Brewer (Emayatzy Corinealdi) happens to come by the same place they are at and witnesses Hastings leaving. So now she knows Spencer hasn't dropped his desire to see this through.

Over at our favorite Assistant GM's place Charles (Omar Benson Miller) is losing his mind on trying to work with his over bearing boss Mr. Siefert (Dule Hill). Things have continued to be bad for him and the Coach (Peter Berg) ever since they had the disagreement over Kisan Teague last week. So Charles' smart wife Julie (Jazmyn Simon) comes in with a plan to hopefully save the day. Have both the Coach and Mr. Siefert over for dinner and maybe with some good food and drink they can find a way to agree on things. Ideally, this is a great plan but these are men of football so egos are quite large.

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Checking back in with Spencer he's about to start another horizontal tango with Chloe (Serinda Swan) when he has to excuse himself to go to the bathroom. Is it male performance problems? No, actually the man just can't seem to focus because he's still stressing about trying to figure out how to make the Vegas deal happen! He comes back into the room and instead of getting back to business he starts questioning her on what he did wrong at the meeting to make Hastings not want to invest in the project. Frustrated with the situation Chloe decides the sex isn't going to happen and just tells Spencer that Wayne doesn't ever spend his money on projects so this is no surprise. Only in the land of TV would it ever be conceivable for a man to be more worried about his job more than pleasing this pretty lady. But I guess when you look like Dwayne Johnson it isn't that far-fetched?

Before he can even get his sense back he gets a call from Ricky Jerret (ohn David Washington) who is locked up down at the police station and needs to be bailed out. After last week when he somehow ended up in a neighbor's house instead of his own and he punched a kid who lived there in the face. Thankfully for him, they aren't pressing charges but Ricky is going to make sure to fly them to a free game in New England when they play the Dolphins to make sure it stays that way. Spencer is more trying to figure out what is wrong with Ricky? He explains to him that with all the baby mama drama and his teammates freezing him out from practicing it has his head all over the place. I don't know what they are doing with this character but it almost seems like the writers don't even know what to do next.

At the office of AGS Spencer is talking to his boss Mr. Anderson and trying to convince him to put some money in for the Vegas project but he is upset because Hastings hasn't done anything to help out. Anderson says how he wanted to break into the casino business, not move a football team. He tells Spencer he's getting involved with an idea that has been a problem for years so why would he want to mess with this? When asked why he thinks he can make this happen, Spencer tells him "because I got you," and with that genuine sign of encouragement Mr. Anderson's cold heart grew two sizes bigger. Spencer tells him to not let Wayne's trash talking of him let them stop from achieving this and that he knows they can make this happen.

That night over at the Greane residence Charles is sitting down with his two guests Mr. Siefert and Coach hoping that somehow this night goes well. I feel sorry for Charles because it would be short lived. Shortly after they say grace at the table Siefert finds a way to already dig into Coach because he didn't say "Amen" afterward. When Coach gives a quick "Amen" it just infuriates Siefert even more because he feels he's disrespecting the whole act. This just escalates to a whole lot of shouting and ends up finishing with Coach getting up and picking a fight with Siefert by shoving his face right into his dinner. Potatoes and all! They tussle and go at it with poor Charles caught in the middle trying to break it up. I wonder if this ever really happens because I can think of several real life coaches I would buy doing this.

Last week Joe and Spencer were finally getting Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) out of the weed business because Bossman from the Cowboys was about to cut him. In an effort to get him invested in something more legit Joe finds this VR company that needs some help so he brings Vernon and Reggie (London Brown) to their HQ for a demonstration. After going through an exciting football simulation the two guys feel like it's something they would like to be a part of. But as things go in life once they seem to be going too well they have to have a setback. Back at home, a "piss man" from the NFL shows up to a do a mandatory drug test for Vernon. Naturally, they start panicking like boys that just threw a party and their parents came home too early. Vernon calls Spencer and he's told to stall the man as long as he can because they both know he's going to fail the test.

Spencer takes a quick meeting with Candace to try to get Vernon out of this situation but all she'll offer is the lowest penalty of two suspended games. Even though Vernon was only taking cannabis pills and not smoking pot it's all the same to the league policy. Spencer frustrated by her bureaucracy accuses her of doing this because of him trying to make the Vegas deal happen. She tells him to knock off the conspiracy theories and suggests he gets back to managing players finances because that's what the league originally approved him to do. Candace is one hell of a force that is a great adversary for Spencer.

The whole point behind this VR storyline is because Spencer comes up with using it as a way to get Hastings to kick in some money for the relocation. He has the company make a simulation of the new stadium for Vegas so Hastings can virtually walk through it and get really engrossed by the idea. And it works! Wayne is so taken by seeing it all materialized right in front of him that he tells Spencer he will write him the biggest check to make it happen. One more obstacle down, Spencer. But what's the next problem he'll have to deal with when the next episode airs on Ballers?

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