Just when Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) thought that things were going in a positive direction for him and his idea to get a professional football team in Las Vegas, here comes Mr. Bret Anderson (Richard Schiff) to rain on his parade in the latest episode of Ballers. Anderson is not buying Spencer's optimism that just because he got a couple of Vegas politicians to give him a thumbs up that it's anything to get excited about.

In the Teeth finds him wanting signed contracts and actual money in the bank! So Spencer goes out to Los Angeles to see (real life) ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth and try to get some inside scoop on a team moving, but Mark tells him he's been sworn to secrecy so he can't help him. Spencer, frustrated with the fact that he flew all the way out there, is not too happy about this. Plus Mark even gives him "advice" and tells him he needs to watch his back with this plan of his. On top of all this, his friend in the Raiders organization, Tim Brown, tells him that he's upsetting people by going around saying that he's moving the team to Vegas. Spencer argues that he's doing a good thing for the team, but Tim reminds him that not only do they like to keep things quiet, but that he's not the first person to try to move the team, so he needs to not act like he's the almighty savior (my words, not Tim's).

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Back in Miami, poor ol' softie Charles (Omar Miller) is trying his best to do his job for the Dolphins GM Larry Siefert (Dule Hill), about getting him quality players, but then Siefert says in an interview how it's basically all his doing getting these new ones. Charles, offended by this, confronts him. But Siefert plays the GM card and tells him how he's doing it just to show a unified front. But to comfort Charles, he tells him he'll use "we" in the future instead of taking all the credit. But before Charles can put that smile up too long, Siefert tells him he needs to go talk to the Dolphins head coach (Peter Berg), and get them to agree on the final lineup.

Charles heads over there and tries to talk to the coach, but Berg plays the part perfectly by being full of piss and fire as he yells at his players to be the best during practice. When Charles tries to argue the final lineup with him the coach gives him the biggest dismissal of not caring what him or the GM wants and basically leaves it at that. Ah, Charles is just too nice of a guy.

On the agent side, Jason (Troy Garity) is dealing with his new client Kisan (Kris D. Lofton) and trying to get him better deal, but unfortunately his crazy partying lifestyle is not helping him. And to make matters worse, Jason finds out that Kisan was inadvertently pulled into a big drug bust because of some of his friends but he was innocent. Only problem is trying to convince these NFL owner types of his innocence as well. I can't help but wonder how many of the real life instances we see of these issues are really players possibly getting framed. Either way, Good luck Jason!!

Joe (Rob Corddry) is back again having to handle Reggie (London Brown) and Vernon's deal with the "High Powered" clothing company. Spencer keeps urging Joe to get them out of it but after a walk through the HP facilities and hearing them talk about how medicinal marijuana is a better alternative for athletes than prescription pills, you can tell that Joe is quite possibly changing his mind. But it just might be the weed talking? Oh, and then there's the continued story with Ricky (John David Washington) and his girl Amber (Brittany S. Hall) being his baby Mama. We're on the THIRD episode and this story has gone NO WHERE! Can we please do something about this?! Okay, thanks.

Rounding out the end here is Spencer having to take a "drink meeting" with Candace Brewer (Emayatzy Corineaaldi) a woman who he apparently insulted on the Jay Glazer show some five years ago has reared its ugly head again and he needs to fix it. So as he sits down with her during his time in Oakland she brings up his Vegas idea and tells him that a city full of gambling and sin is not the right place for a football team. Of course Spencer argues against it citing that maybe the new business would do the city well. She changes her stance with him and asks him why after all the hard work he's put in to get where he's at, to throw it all away on this?

Spencer takes this as a big slap to discouraging him to which she tells him that maybe he's "an enemy of the league." As she leaves him with that statement it just does the opposite and Spencer calls up Tim Brown and tells him of his plan to get 300 million in private financing to help entice the team to move. And he'll keep it all quiet just like they like it. Every episode Spencer finds a way to come out on top! Gotta love the guy for that, right? Or do you think he needs to give up on this Vegas dream of his as Ballers continues on HBO?

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