Because Miami didn't have enough debauchery to contain Ballers, this week they take Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) to Las Vegas in an effort to push his idea of making it the new home for an NFL football team. We briefly see Wayne Hastings Jr. (Steve Guttenberg) in the beginning of this new episode titled Bull Rush, as he helps set up a meeting between Spencer and the mayor (Cheryl Ladd) of the city to get the green light for relocation. The meeting takes place on a golf course where Spencer does his best to sell his idea, and while the mayor gives him many reasons why she doesn't think it's possible, in the end she gives her approval. But she tells him that she's not the one he has to worry about, it's Councilman Sawyer (Brett Rice) who he has to get on his side. But that's what Spencer does is win people over so he's up for the challenge.

Now with Tracy (Arielle Kebbel) off the show the door is open for Spencer to have a new love interest and this week we're introduced to Chloe (Graceland's Serinda Swan and Marvel's upcoming Inhumans) who works for Hastings' casino and (big surprise) has a past relationship with him. I say love interest because the show wasted no time in having them jump into bed together even though for whatever reason their characters didn't work out previously. I know this is only a thirty minute show but they could've gave us at least ONE full episode before she slept with him. From the moment Chloe interacts with Spencer we know it's going to happen but it wouldn't have been terrible to not be so predictable.

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Back in Miami we check in on Spencer's partner Joe (Rob Corddry) who is dealing with his client, football player Kisan Teague (Kris D. Lofton) who wants a new agent. Joe sets up a meeting for him with our resident agent Jason (Troy Garity) in a playground of all places? When Kisan is late Jason decides to walk and gets rolled up on by some local gangsters who play the game of asking for some money. Jason knows the drill and hands them some money but when they try to take his phone as well he draws the line.

They pull a gun on him to show they are not messing around but thankfully Jason has some little hideaway money of $500 in his shoe and gets them to back off. This does nothing for the fact that he is extremely pissed off about Kisan wasting his time and him losing the money. So when Jason finds him later on and he tells him about what happened, Kisan decides he will take care of it. They track them down to a store that the guy (who we find out is named Leonard) and his boys are at and Kisan tells Leonard he better right everything because Jason might be his new agent. Leonard tries to be a smart ass and not give back all the money but after Kisan threatens to wreck his car he abides by him. After Jason gets his money back he still finds a way to call Leonard a "bitch" as he leaves. Well we know his character is quite the cocky one so he has to get the last word in!

Now we can't just let Joe have one problem to deal with can we? That just wouldn't be enough fun! He gets a call from the Dallas Cowboys executive (Christopher McDonald) who is not pleased with his player Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) posting pictures on Instagram wearing clothes from a company named "High Powered" that promotes marijuana use. Joe heads over to Vernon's to talk to his buddy Reggie (London Brown) and tells him how they need to stop with the clothing line because they are upsetting the Dallas front office. Reggie shows him a huge bag of cash that totals 200K that Vernon was paid to wear the clothes and tells Joe that they aren't getting Vernon any endorsement deals so he did it himself. Joe explains to him that they can't do this but, Reggie comes back with the marijuana use helped out Vernon with his rehab last year. Frustrated in his efforts Joe leaves and comes back later that night with Charles (Omar Benson Miller) and tries to trick Vernon into taking an endorsement deal with a car dealership. He promises him more money and he just needs to drop "High Powered." Unfortunately Reggie sees through their act and foils Joe's plan which leaves the situation in a stalemate.

Meanwhile in Vegas Spencer is having dinner with Councilman Bob Sawyer as another obstacle he needs to overcome to finalize his plan. They go back and forth with Spencer trying to give Sawyer benefits to having an NFL team in Vegas but every time the Councilman shoots them down like ducks during hunting season. Finally Spencer lays it all out and tells Bob that he's surprised he's not being more receptive to the idea.

To where Sawyer replies that he feels Spencer doesn't know what he and the city want because he's just "a tourist." With this Spencer Strasmore realizes he's going to have to up his game} with this one and takes him from a quiet dinner to a roaring monster truck rally in a big stadium. With Chloe's help they get Bob some nice skybox seats and pretty ladies on his arm. While this is all and good Spencer knows he has to be clever to bring this particular man to his side. So in an attempt to prove he's not just "a tourist" he gets himself the opportunity (again with Chloe's help) to go in front of the entire crowd and drive one of the monster trucks proclaiming to the audience that Las Vegas is a part of him from the many times he's lived there during the offseason when he played ball. And how does he do trying to get the huge truck lifted into the air off of a jump? Well not so good!

He flips the truck and it ends up on its roof with its four wheels in the air. But he gets out okay and when asked by the announcer what he's going to do for an encore he uses the platform of having everyone's attention to announce he's bringing an NFL team to Vegas! The packed stadium goes crazy with applause and Councilman Bob Sawyer just looks on and says "He's definitely growing on me." Looks like Spencer's plan worked but now who knows what new set of hurdles The Rock have to jump next week on HBO!

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