For fans of Ballers, it is a very good thing that HBO has already given the green light to season 3. Because this episode left us with a whole lot of questions that need answers. That being said, Game Day was definitely one of the better episodes that season 2 had to offer. So, let's dig in, shall we?

When we last left our main man Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) he had finally confronted Andre (Andy Garcia) about that business deal that went so very bad and he had worked out something of a gentleman's agreement with Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff) to buy ASM. Well, interestingly enough, Andre was totally absent from this episode and Mr. Anderson took his deal off the table after Spencer came up with the money, but it was only because he was looking out for Spencer. Knowing that Spencer couldn't possibly afford the deal (considering he borrowed all of the money from his clients), Mr. Anderson instead offered Spencer the chance to buy a share of the company and would allow him to return to work. So, firing him was really just a "teaching moment" as he put it. The problem is, Spencer still has to get that registration he was denied in order to manage player finances. That is where things get interesting.

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Now, before we dig into the moment everyone will be thinking about and talking about in regards to this episode of Ballers, let's talk about how many frustratingly loose ends were left in the wake of "Game Day." Firstly, Charles (Omar Miller) is killing it at his job, so he got offered a promotion. The only problem is, it would put him even further from his family and will surely continue to strain his already very strained relationship. We have no idea how that is going to shake out, but we all love Charles and hope for the best. Vernon (Donovan Carter) decided to get the jump on things and head to Dallas early to show off his skills and that he is more committed than the young talent they drafted. Said young talent had the same idea, and they are going to be competing for the same job. We have no indication as to which way that is going to go. Lastly, there is Ricky (John Washington) who is still looking for an elite team to make him an offer. After a lot of waiting, the Patriots come through, but it is a lot of work for a hell of a lot less money. We similarly have absolutely no idea what Ricky is going to do. So, frustratingly, there is a lot left hanging.

All of that being said, the main event for this episode paid off in spades. After doing some digging, Spencer was able to find out that his old friend and real-life NFL legend Eddie George filed a complaint against him, preventing him from getting his registration. So, Spencer and Joe (Rob Corddry) head to a rookie player conference to confront Eddie in hopes to smooth things out. Not before Spencer heads to get a shot in his hip, which still looks truly awful, in order to help him deal with the pain. So why the complaint? Well, because Spencer lost every penny Eddie had in that crap trap real estate deal as well. So naturally, he doesn't have a lot of faith in Spencer's abilities to handle player's money.

Honestly, Eddie George may have missed his calling, because when he and Spencer hash this out initially in the hotel room, you would think he was a seasoned veteran in the acting department. He absolutely crushes it and (almost) gives the best performance we have ever seen on Ballers to date. It was truly a great moment and one of those things that makes up for the unnecessary moments of silliness that the show was prone to at certain points this season. Understandably, he wasn't willing to withdraw his complaint about Spencer. So, in true Spencer and Joe fashion, they go to a strip club with Jay Glazer and Terrell Suggs to do a bunch of drugs and blow a bunch of money like the responsible, well-rounded gentleman they are.

The next day, hungover and battle scarred from a bad night, Joe decides to go talk to Eddie himself. It is unclear if Eddie withdrew his complaint, but he did make Spencer own up to his actions and hold himself accountable. Looking like a train wreck, Spencer got up in front of a room full of rookies and delivered a heartfelt, honest, sad and brutally honest powerhouse speech about what happened to him and Eddie George and how they can prevent it from happening to them. Without question, it was one of the best examples of genuine acting ability Dwayne Johnson has given us on Ballers, and maybe in his career in general. It was truly excellent and again, Eddie George crushed it in the scene without saying a word. I think we'd all love to see more of him next season.

In the end, we don't know where everyone stands and surely things will be very different when season 3 of Ballers airs next year on HBO. One thing we do know is that Spencer will have a new hip, because something snapped in him and he is finally doing what he needs to do in order to truly make things right in his messed up, post-NFL life. This was a damn fine, even if a little frustrating, season finale.

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