With episode 7 of Ballers being so crazy this season, it was probably best that we had a break last week to let it all marinate. Now we are heading into the tail end of the season with episode 8. This latest installment tees up a lot of things that will need to be dealt with over the next couple of weeks, like a whole bunch of money and a whole bunch of pain, both emotional and physical. Let's dig into Laying in the Weeds, shall we?

First off, it looks like we may have finally put to bed a storyline that has been aching to die since the beginning of the season. Yes, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) and Tracy (Arielle Kebbel) finally appear to be parting ways. She took that job at ESPN and is moving away, but not before trying to convince Spencer that he needs to do something else with his life after getting fired. But Spencer has some plans, as it turns out. More on that in a second.

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When we last left Ricky (John David Washington) and Charles (Omar Benson Miller), a deal had been worked out by Charles so that Ricky could stay in Miami. Everyone was happy and bros were cool and stuff! Well, not exactly, because then the Rams decided to offer Ricky a boat load of money. So now Ricky and Charles are mad at one another because it looks like Ricky is going to take the money instead of staying in Miami. While we really wanted to side with Charles on this one, it was that really insightful speech by Julie (Jazmyn Simon) that made us realize that Ricky was just doing what was right by him. Which, as it turns out, may be staying in Miami after all. We still don't know for sure.

Anyway, the rest of the episode seemed to be a lot of set-up for what is to come in the final two weeks. Spencer went to go pick up his things from Joe (Rob Corddry) who still hasn't announced to their clients that Spencer has been fired, because Spencer is totally trying to buy the company instead of letting Andre (Andy Garcia)! Clever move, The Rock. The only problem is, he has no money to do it, which is why he is trying to take out a huge bank loan that he probably can't pay back, and borrow money from Ricky, one of his only clients with any real money. The situation is super shaky, but Ricky is on board by the end of the episode. Oh, also, can we talk about how fun it was to watch Joe give that speech to everyone at the office? It didn't really have much bearing on anything that happened in the episode, but it was a fun moment.

This all comes to a head at the draft party Spencer is throwing at his place, mostly to see if Travis (Adam Aalderks) can actually wind up as a top five pick. He did kill it at those meetings Spencer set up, so it seemed like a possibility. The party was all a show. Nobody knew Spencer had been fired. He and Joe were trying to get things lined up behind the scenes to buy the company so that they wouldn't have to reveal what happened to Spencer. As we know, that didn't exactly work out very well.

Travis may not have gone in the top five, but thanks to some help from T-Sizzle, he did go at number six to the Ravens. Everyone was happy! Everyone was thrilled! Which is why Sizzle decided to give a nice speech, announcing to everyone at the party how messed up it was that Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff) had fired Spencer. Whoops. So yeah, that is pretty much where it all ended for this week. Oh, and Joe had said it would be a good idea to tell everyone sooner, making Joe right again, which is weird. The party animal has become the voice of reason.

Right now that leaves us with a lot to sort out over the next couple of weeks. Spencer is in more pain than we have ever seen him in and it needs to be addressed. Not only that, but his attempted purchase of the business leaves us with an interesting thing to think about. Does Spencer care more about revenge, or does he actually care about protecting his client's money? He is totally broke, after all. We will have to wait and see how everything shakes out when Ballers returns next week on HBO at 10 p.m. EST.

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