Last week on Ballers Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) and Joe (Rob Corddry) decided to nut up and steal some of Andre's (Andy Garcia) clients. This week, they realized just how hard, and perhaps somewhat obviously, that plan was going to backfire. The boys are at war to keep their clients, and everyone else is doing their own thing. Let's dig in.

At the every of last week's episode, Spencer sat face to face with Andrew and boldly stated that they were going to steal T-Sizzle as a client, and that was where we left off. We didn't actually get to see how Andre was going to react to this, but perceptive viewers probably figured something along the lines of "very poorly." That turned out to be an understatement. Andre is now using all of his fancy money and resources to not only try and keep the clients that Joe and Spencer were trying to steal, but he is now going after all of their clients. If you'll remember from a couple of weeks ago, Mr Anderson (Richard Shiff) wasn't happy with the amount of clients they were currently managing, and demanded Spencer drum up more business. So yeah, this is bad news.

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Also, Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) busted his leg playing paintball, and right after Spencer learned that his clients were being poached, Reggie (London Brown), had to break the bad news. The gang rushes Vernon to a hospital to meet with a big time doctor to fix his leg, but that is the least of Vernon's problems. Because he injured himself playing paintball (because Reggie is kind of a dick and clearly feels bad about it in this episode), he could be in danger of losing his job with The Cowboys. So, Spencer, Reggie and Joe decided it would be best for Vernon to lie about what happened, which clearly doesn't sit right with Vernon. Immediately after that, Joe and Spencer have to try and keep one of their clients on the hook by helping out with an investment idea that involves building a hotel on a very messy and expensive piece of land, which Spencer has reservations about.

Whilst Spencer and Joe attempt to do some damage control, football players are struggling with football in the offseason. We catch up with Ricky (John David Washington), who is currently looking for a job since Miami decided to diss him pretty hard. His journey has led him to the city of New Orleans, where The Saints are clearly trying to win him over in a big way. But even with all of the flash, and a very sizable offer, Ricky has one question. "Where is the love?" More on that in a minute.

Then we shuffle over to Charles (Omar Benson MIller), who is still struggling with the decision the Dolphins made him face. Move over to right tackle, or move into retirement. In the meantime, he is showing Julie (Jazmyn Simon) that he can be an effortlessly good dad, even if he has to stop being a big, important football player. What is so interesting, or maybe uninteresting, about the Charles sub-plot at this point is that it is so completely disconnected from everything else that is going on. Sure, Charles is very charming and easily the least flawed character on the show, but still, aside from being a counterpoint of sorts, it has nothing to do with anything. At least for now. Maybe the writers have something bigger planned, or maybe not. In any case, Charles and Julie had sexin the back of their minivan, which Julie had just pimped out as a surprise for Charles, near the end of the episode, so that was fun.

Spencer manages to talk their client out of the bad investment, even though Joe is trying to be encouraging so he won't walk away. Ultimately, Spencer's honest prevails and they win out. As for Vernon, he has been avoiding The Cowboys due to his injury, and that is not going well. So, Spencer heads over to talk some sense into him, and once again, he does the right thing. Vernon is having serious issues lying, so Spencer encourages him to tell the truth, even if that means he will be cut by the team. We don't know for sure, but the owner of the team sure didn't seem to take it very well. What is very interesting is that Spencer is becoming the voice of honesty and reason. He is trying to do all of this with the right moral center, despite what that may mean for the business. We love you, The Rock.

When we meet back up with Ricky, he is nearing the end of his visit with The Saints, who haven't yet shown him the love. We learned during a phone call between him and Spencer that in his eyes, love meant meeting with Drew Brees and coach Sean Payton. The Saints instead, put on a massive parade and musical number for Ricky, and Sean Payton showed up to say hello as well. That was enough for Ricky, as he decided to sign with the team. Most everything wound up with a nice, neat little bow on it this week, but there is trouble brewing, and that is definitely going to bubble up in the near future. We'll have to see what happens with Vernon and what Andre is up to next week when Ballers returns at 10 p.m. EST on HBO.

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