We Learned a few things about what we can expect in the upcoming season of Ballers last week from the season premiere. For one, we know that we are going to be getting a lot more of Dwayne Johnson, which is great, because The Rock makes everything better. We also learned that his character Spencer is starting to take his job very seriously, and that he is going after his old manager Andre (Andy Garcia). This latest episode Enter the Temple fleshed that out more, and it now looks like that is going to be the main event for this season: Manager vs. Manager, The Rock vs. Garcia. Let's do this!

Like any show that isn't a full on drama series, a lot of threads start being pulled in different directions, which means that there are a lot of plot points to keep track of. That is exactly what is happening in season 2 of Ballers. That isn't all bad. I mean, we love The Rock, but he is kind of like Sushi. Sure, it's excellent and you always like to know that it's there, but you can't eat it all of the time or it loses its charm. Or maybe it doesn't either way, there are other actors in the show and they have to have something to do. But let's start with Spencer.

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Last week, Spencer revealed his plans to take on Terrell Suggs as a client, after they effectively squashed their beef. But, Suggs or "Sizzle" happens to be Andre's client at the moment. The conflict reveals itself. This week, Joe (Rob Riggle) and Spencer all but locked down Sizzle as a new client, but here put it on their shoulders to break the news to Andre at a fancy tennis tournament. More on that later, but let's talk about tennis for a second. Spencer hurt his hip really badly last week during his fight with Suggs, and he is in need of more of the prescription drugs that he is very clearly addicted to at this point.

So, Spencer goes to his doctor, and lies about how he injured himself, saying he was playing tennis, in order to get another prescription for painkillers that are helping to mask the long-term damage he did to himself during his football days. For all of the glitz, glam and Entourage-esque nature of Ballers, this sub-plot is definitely starting to pull at a very real thing that many players deal with as a consequence of playing in the NFL. Hopefully we get to see that unfold a little more throughout season 2.

Speaking of NFL players, Ricky (John David Washington) is exploring his options outside of Miami, as it looks like the Dolphins may not be what he was hoping for. Will it be Buffalo? Will it be New Orleans? I guess we'll find out. On the other side of the ball, Charles (Omar Benson Miller) finally figured out what Miami has in store for him, and it leaves him with a bit of a dilemma. His coaches want him to move from the left side of the offensive line to the right side of the offensive line. This may seem like a small deal to non football people, but based on Charles' reaction, it is a big deal. We are eagerly awaiting his decision in the coming weeks.

Finally, Joe is still trying to manage the thorn in everyone's side that is Reggie (London Brown). He is demanding a salary from his friend Vernon (Donovan W. Carter). You know, because apparently being somebody's friend comes with a $72 grand a year price tag. Joe and Reggie make something of a handshake deal, but when Vernon and Reggie discuss it while playing paintball, things don't go smoothly. Vernon offers less, Reggie wants more. So, Reggie does what we would expect him to do, and he shoots Vernon. Great idea, Reggie. We left the paintball battlefield seeing Vernon gripping his leg in pain, which is likely going to be a problem, being that he is a football player.

Now, back to that tennis tournament we were talking about earlier. Once Spencer and Joe finally make their way there, they meet face to face with Andre, who is well aware of their plans. Joe is oddly being the voice of reason here, expressing concern to Spencer about taking on the very powerful Andre. But Spencer is unwilling to change his mind, and reveals to Joe that this is both personal and business related. Joe then gets on board and they have their meeting with Andrew, which goes something like this. Andre saying to Spencer, "No, you can't have my client. I am important and good at what i do." Then Spencer says, "He's already ours, screw you man. I'm about to mess you up, but not with my big arms and muscles. With strategy." Or something like that. Nobody ever accused this show of being subtle. We'll have to see how Andre takes the news, and what happens with the rest of the gang when Ballers Season 2 comes back next Sunday on HBO at 10 p.m. EST.

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