Were it not for a former professional wrestler who wound up turning into the single most likable movie star on the planet, there would be very few reasons to watch Ballers at this point. However, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is very much that star, and he does make the show very watchable, even if it has become the bastard cousin of Entourage, but with football players. The season 2 premiere Face of the Franchise, was extremely heavy on things that are proven to be very big draws for the general male TV watching audience such as strippers, fist fights, ladies in tight dresses, and the aforementioned heavy dose of The Rock.

HBO ended season 1 with Spencer Strasmore and Joe (Rob Corddry) in a pretty good place, and they are capitalizing on that when we meet up with them in Ballers Season 2. The episode picks up with the pair throwing a party for Ndamukong Suh, who is opening up a new restaurant, which is naturally called "Suh Casa." Let the brilliance of that soak in for a second. During the course of said party, we get to meet Spencer's old manager Andre, who is being played by the wonderful Andy Garcia. As it turns out, Spencer and Andre have some bad blood between them, which we found out later on is because Andre lost Spencer a lot of money on a bad real estate deal. Oh, and one of Andre's clients is Terrell Suggs, who everyone refers to as T-Sizzle, and as luck would have it, he and Spencer don't exactly get along either.

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Because there is pressure on Joe and Spence to deliver clients for Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff), they get talked into going on Jay Glazer's new show, which is called "Glazed and Confused." Seriously, just let that one wash over you for a good minute as well. Spencer hesitantly agrees, as he feels is not a great public speaker. See, this is the second season of the show and the nice thing about that is we get to peel back the layers on these characters and learn things. You know, like a super charming ex-athlete being bad at public speaking. Hashtag deep, right? Anyway, it turns out Spencer was probably right to be hesitant, because Jay decided to invite his buddy T-Sizzle on the show as well. Smack talk commenced, and a fist fight broke out on national television. Not exactly what one would call good PR.

Elsewhere, Ricky (John David Washington) is gearing up for his 30th birthday party, which he intends to keep low key. He has been behaving himself in hopes of finishing out his career with the Miami Dolphins, but that may not work out so well. More on that in a minute. Another man who is interested in furthering his career with the Dolphins after coming out of retirement, Charles (Omar Benson Miller), finds himself enjoying an autograph session with other Dolphins legends at the car lot he was working at last season. He also finds out that his comeback will probably be short lived, as it looks like the top brass probably won't want him back next season. Ouch.

After the incident on Jay's show, Spencer has to go see Mr. Anderson about it and spoiler alert, he is not the least bit happy about it. As it turns out, he didn't want to GLAZE over it. Anderson does a solid amount of yelling aimed at Spencer, which is very amusing to watch given that The Rock is The Rock and Richard Shiff is, well, not. Anderson applies some pressure to Spencer to get him produce more clients, because one new player and "Suh Casa" just isn't enough. At the same time, Jason (Troy Garity) is trying to work out a new deal with the Dolphins for Ricky, and that doesn't wind up going over so well. Right before Ricky's party, he has to find out on TV that another player got the contract that was supposed to go to him. That being the case, his father and friends convince him to throw a much less modest party. So much for behaving.

We then find everyone gathered at a very large house with a whole lot of loud music, women in tight clothing, booze and of course, at least a few women with their boobs out. Spencer and Joe are there having themselves a fine time, and Ricky cuts up an ice sculpture with a chainsaw. So that was fun. But then T-Sizzle shows up. The tension is palpable, especially when Spencer hands Joe his watch and goes over to chat, or fight. We aren't sure which one. Cooler heads prevailed though, as Spencer decided to strategically squash his beef with Mr. Suggs. Was it just because he was being the bigger man? Nope! The show leaves us on a bit of a cliffhanger as Spencer returns to Joe and Jason, who then reveals that he intends to sign T-Sizzle as a client, and plans to steal the rest of Andre's clients as well. Spencer, you sly bastard!

It looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of Andre in the rest of season 2, which is good, because Andy Garcia is really good at playing an arrogant jackass with a lot of money and power. We will also probably be seeing a lot more NFL cameos, and a LOT more ladies and booze. Ballers continues to be insanely watchable for some reason, and we've got some storylines to chase for the rest of the season after this one. Also, The Rock. Ballers returns next week on HBO at 10 p.m. EST.

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