Is Baby Yoda actually evil? The latest episode of The Mandalorian may have just given us a hint that the adorable little creature may be more comfortable on the Dark Side of the Force. We've seen The Child use the Force before in the series, most notably when he saves Mando in the second episode from a Mudhorn and again in episode 6 when he tries to save his own life from Zero on the Razor Crest. There are SPOILERS for The Mandalorian episode 7 below, so read ahead at your own risk.

The Mandalorian episode 7 finds Mando having to recruit a crew to head back and handle a big mission with Greef Karga. He ends up picking up Kuiil and Cara Dune for this mission, which makes sense since they have been his closest allies thus far. With Baby Yoda in tow, they start towards their destination, which is when Cara and Mando engage in some friendly competitive arm wrestling as The Child looks on. Both characters seem to be in a tie, but suddenly Cara pulls away.

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Cara pulls away because Baby Yoda is using the Force to choke her out like Darth Vader does in A New Hope. He only stops when Mando gets in the middle of the two and tells him to stop. Now, it's entirely possible that The Child thought his guardian was in a real struggle with Cara, which is why he chose to intervene. However, it's also possible that our cute little creature is actually an evil Dark Side Force user. So far, the Star Wars franchise has only shown powerful Dark Side users who were able to pull off the Force Choke.

When looking back in The Mandalorian episode 7, Kuiil makes an observation that The Child has hardly grown. Could this be some foreshadowing implying that the creature, although 50-years old, is still very much an infant? If so, it would stand to reason that the little dude doesn't quite know how to regulate his emotions just yet. Being able to use the Force at such a young age could be detrimental, or it could very well be that Baby Yoda has some darkness brewing underneath the surface that is just waiting to come out.

Regardless of whether or not Baby Yoda is a Dark Side Force user, the story is very intriguing. It would be a pretty interesting way to take the story, which would again, be something that no Star Wars fans saw coming. How are people going to feel about Baby Yoda after they find out he's a member of the fledgling First Order? Is he still going to be cute then? The final episode of The Mandalorian is on the way, so hopefully we'll get some answers real soon. You can head over to Disney+ to get a subscription ensuring you never miss a Baby Yoda moment again.