The stars of Home Improvement are set to reunite as Tim Allen and Richard Karn are reteaming for a building-themed reality competition series for the History Channel. Famous for their breakout roles as Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and his television sidekick Al Borland on Home Improvement, Allen and Karn co-starred on the classic sitcom between 1991 and 1999. Though each has since moved on to new creative endeavors, Allen has just confirmed via Twitter that a reunion with Karn is on the horizon.

"I've always admired people who repair something instead of replace it," Tim Allen said in the tweet. "So, I created a competition show with History, and my old buddy Richard Karn, to challenge the people who love to get stuff done!"

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Consisting of ten episodes, the series will tentatively be titled Assembly Required. According to a synopsis, the show will "spotlight the best and brightest builders from across the country, at their home workshops, as they compete to breathe new life into everyday household items in desperate need of fixing. This new series will push each contestant to their limits while testing their ability and ingenuity to not only rebuild it but to build it better. In each episode, Tim Allen and Richard Karn will also dive into the unique history around these items to celebrate the men and women who crafted them, and the techniques used."

"Let's face it - we're living in a throwaway society," Allen also said in a statement. "We buy, break, replace... rinse and repeat. Whatever happened to repair and rebuild?! There are some people who unfriend, unfollow and dispose of anything that offends, annoys or breaks - so I've created a show to remind people of the satisfaction and pride that comes from rebuilding something on their own. And who better to join me than my buddy from the old Tool Time days - Richard Karn! Now we're talking More Power! Albert Einstein once said, 'I'm not a genius, I'm just passionately curious.' Well, let's get curious! Even a chimpanzee would at least show interest, right? Wait - I think I just came up with another idea for the show! R-R-R!"

Spanning for eight seasons and over 200 episodes, Home Improvement is one of the most famous television shows of the '90s. On the series, Allen and Karn's characters hosted the fictional TV series Tool Time, which saw the two complete various home improvement projects. As recent as this year, Allen has floated the idea of doing some kind of Home Improvement reunion, suggesting he would like to see something like a one-hour special with the entire Taylor family returning. Karn has previously reunited with Allen with a couple guest appearances in Allen's sitcom Last Man Standing.

Karn will reportedly serve as the host of Assembly Required in addition to executive producing alongside Allen. The show is expected to premiere on History sometime next year, and it's not clear when filming will begin. This news comes to us from Tim Allen on Twitter with additional details from TVLine.