The trailer for the Ash vs. Evil Dead series finale has arrived online. All good things must come to an end, even if they have to end sooner than we all would have liked. Such is the case with Ash Vs. Evil Dead. The series has brought the world of The Evil Dead to the small screen for three, glorious and bloody seasons, but Starz has decided to cancel the show. Now, the season 3 finale will serve as the series finale, and we have our first look at what to expect from the episode.

In the episode, titled The Mettle of Man, the Ghostbeaters are put to the ultimate test. Ash, Pablo, Kelly and Brandy gear up for battle one last time to save the world. And that one last time isn't hyperbole in this case, since the Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3 finale will be the last episode of the series. But based on the footage in this relatively brief trailer, it's going to be very grand and totally epic. It has everything a fan of the show could possibly want.

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There is an incredibly grand scale on display here. Military jets, massive monsters and tons of fighting. This looks like a big-budget blockbuster, but it's merely an episode of a show that came as a result of a franchise that started with a single, very low-budget horror flick. If Ash Williams has to go out, at least he's going out in style by fighting a giant demon monster in a freakin tank. It's no wonder after seeing this trailer why so many people are sad that Ash vs. Evil Dead has been canceled. But this trailer also reveals, in part, why the show was canceled. The series doesn't bring in big ratings and, as we can see, it's not the cheapest show in the world to produce. At the end of the day, making TV shows is a business, unfortunately.

In the wake of the news of the cancellation, many fans have taken to social media, begging for Netflix to pick up Ash vs. Evil Dead. Unfortunately, Bruce Campbell took to Twitter to announce that he has officially retired as Ash Williams, so not only is the series dead, but the character is gone for good after this episode. Hopefully, this episode can serve as not only a satisfying conclusion to the series, but a satisfying conclusion to Ash's character arc, which has spanned nearly four decades at this point. There's a lot riding on this episode now that wasn't really riding on it just a week ago.

The episode is set to air this Sunday night on Starz. If you need to get caught up beforehand, the first two seasons of the series are available to stream on Netflix and, since they're a brisk 29 minutes (give or take) each, they're pretty easy to burn through. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Ash vs. Evil Dead series finale trailer, courtesy of Starz, for yourself below.