With TCA's ongoing through the last few days of July, we should definitely know the premiere date for Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3 by now. But we don't. And that has caused some fans to worry. Will new episodes still arrive this fall as they have the last two seasons? Perhaps not. And that word comes directly from Bruce Campbell. The actor who has played the role of hero Ashley Williams since the 80s has no clue when the new season is coming.

Starz should have announced the premiere date for Season 3 by now. In fact, if we were going off the previous two seasons, Ash Vs. Evil Dead should have dropped its first Season 3 trailer during Comic-Con this past July. But it didn't. The show has had a strong presence at the convention the last couple of years, and that's where it was first announced way back in 2013.

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But the show not only didn't premiere new footage at the con, the cast and crew were absent too. So what exactly is going on? We know the show has been shooting as Bruce Campbell has been teasing the production on his Twitter. The iconic cult actor recently chatted with Red Carpet Crash and he addressed the big question head on.

The deal? Bruce Campbell is just as in the woods as we are. He hasn't been told by Starz either when the show will return. And it's very possible that we're looking at a delay, with no new episodes hitting in 2017 at all. Which will surely come as a disappointment to many. Asked if we're getting more Ash this Halloween, the man behind the legend said this.

"When you hear the date, let me know. Starz has said a couple different things, about possibly shifting the premiere date to try and get a cleaner slot within the year. So we don't know. It'll either be Fall or first quarter 2018... is my guess."

As no promotional push whatsoever has been started for Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3, most fans have settled into the idea that we won't see new episodes until 2018. But Bruce Campbell does give us a little hope that we'll see the show return before the end of the year. It's possible that Starz wants to get some distance between the new upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead Season 8, Stranger Things and Stan Against Evil, all horror shows debuting around the Halloween holiday. Though Ash Vs. Evil Dead stands on its own, it could get lost in all that blood spray.

Bruce Campbell didn't have much in the way to say about were the story is heading in these new episodes. Except to reveal that this next batch is a real 'game changer'. He goes on to note.

"We blew the doors off with episodes 9 and 10 this season. At the end of Season 3, hopefully you will have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you see what we've done. It's pretty big. Nothing will ever be the same by the end of this season."

Even though Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3 might not hit until next year, the latest episodes are in the can. It has been confirmed that this latest run wrapped this past June. And has been in post-production since.