The hit Starz series Ash Vs. Evil Dead would normally premiere around this time of the year, but it was confirmed in August that the Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 premiere would be delayed, with the show kicking off its new season on February 25, 2018 on Starz. Bruce Campbell has been hitting the road to support his new book, Hail to the Chin, and during a book tour stop in Sacramento the actor called out fans who have been illegally downloading the series, which he hinted may lead to its cancellation. After asking the crowd how many of them have the official Starz app, which many indicated they did by their applause, the actor then called out those who download the show illegally. Here's what he had to say below, which was delivered in a sarcastic tone.

"4/5 of you can kiss my ass! Oh, why did they cancel Ash vs Evil Dead? Where did that show go? Right up into the air. You know what? Hey, you slackers out there. Ash vs Evil Dead is one of the most illegally downloaded shows! Why did it get canceled? Because you are all loyal criminals."
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A report from 1428Elm said that while the actor, "was being his usual sarcastically humorous self, the underlying message was loud and clear." He even "playfully flipped off the audience" during his missive. There has been no indication that Starz plans on cancelling the series, with new Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 photos debuting at New York Comic Con earlier this month. What's also interesting is that despite his claims, Ash Vs. Evil Dead is not among the most pirated shows, at least not in the top 10.

The distinction of most-pirated TV show went to Game of Thrones for the fifth straight year, according to the annual end-of-year report from Torrent Freak. The HBO fantasy series was followed by AMC's The Walking Dead, HBO's Westworld The CW's The Flash, The CW's Arrow, CBS' The Big Bang Theory, History's Vikings, Fox's Lucifer, USA's Suits and Amazon's The Grand Tour. While it's possible that the Ash Vs. Evil Dead show could get a bump in pirating popularity, especially after its Halloween Horror Nights maze, it seems unlikely that there will be a surge in piracy for this show this year, especially since the new season doesn't kick off until February.

The wickedly gore-filled series stars Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, the chainsaw-wielding anti-hero tasked with saving the world from evil; Lucy Lawless as Ruby, the unpredictable foe and occasional ally who has strong ties to the origin of the "Necronomicon;" Ray Santiago plays Pablo Simon Bolivar, Ash's loyal sidekick and eternal optimist; and Dana DeLorenzo returns as Kelly Maxwell, orphaned in Season One and ready to kick some evil ass. The upcoming season also finds Ash discovering his long lost daughter, Brandy Barr, played by newcomer Arielle Carver-O'Neill (House Husbands, Suburbs, Conspiracy 365).

The third season finds Ash's status in Elk Grove, Michigan has changed from murderous urban legend to humanity-saving hometown hero. When Kelly witnesses a televised massacre with Ruby's fingerprints all over it, she returns with a new friend to warn Ash and Pablo that evil isn't done with them yet. Blood is thicker than water in the battle of good vs Evil Dead! The Evil Dead original filmmakers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell serve as executive producers on Season Three along with Ivan Raimi and Rick Jacobson. Mark Verheiden serves as Showrunner with Producer Moira Grant. Visit for their full report.