While this past TV season has come and gone, many networks will be spending their summer creating Emmy Award campaigns for their hit shows. Starz is taking a different approach, by letting Ash Vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell essentially start his own Emmy campaign, with four new videos debuting through digital outlets starting tomorrow. Today, we have a look at two of these videos, which are unlike any Emmy campaign videos you've ever seen.

The first of these two videos feature Bruce Campbell showing off his acting skills, while revealing that he does have one thing that sets him apart from the pack, Ash's chainsaw hand. The second video showcases the actor showing what he would do if he actually won an Emmy. Here's what Starz EVP Communications Theano Apotolou had to say about how this campaign got started.

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"If there's one thing that the 2016 campaign season has taught us, it's that voters respond to a bold pitch. You can't really go wrong by getting out of the way and letting Bruce Campbell do what he does best... which is pitch Bruce Campbell. We think his chainsaw hand will help cut through all the noise."

Along with these videos, Starz will also be putting up billboards next week to support this campaign, including one in Los Angeles on Sunset and Fairfax. The Emmy campaign even has a hashtag, #Ash4Emmy, so we'll have to wait and see how much traction this movement gets on social media. Speaking of social media, the actor also recently took to Twitter to right a very bizarre wrong.

Earlier this week, a conservative press outlet released a photo that showed a bloodied young woman. The outlet claimed that this woman was a Donald Trump supporter who was roughed up by protesters at a recent Republican event. As it turns out, though the photo was actually of Ash vs. Evil Dead actress Samara Weaving during a make-up test. Visit Deadline to take a look at the first two videos from Bruce Campbell's Emmy campaign, and stay tuned for more on this series, which returns for Season 2 later this year, with new cast members Lee Majors and Ted Raimi.