Jensen Ackles is not playing Batman in the Arrowverse Elseworlds event, says Stephen Amell. Amell is currently filming the Arrowverse crossover event and Supernatural star Ackles was spotted on the set, leading to rumors that he was going to be playing Batman on one of the shows. The Elseworlds event is bringing The CW's DC TV shows Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl together for a three-part storyline that has DC fans extremely excited. However, they're going to have to see it without Ackles in the role of Batman.

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles reportedly stopped by the Arrowverse set only to visit, according to Stephen Amell. Ackles has been a fan-favorite to play Batman ever since he voiced Red Hood in the animated DC film Batman: Under the Red Hood and has been mentioned in other superhero roles as well. Amell had this to say about Ackles possible involvement in the Arrowverse as Batman.

"Let me squash this rumor right now. Jensen Ackles was on set tonight because he's Grant Gustin's #2 fan (I'm #1) and not because he's playing The Batman."

So, Jensen Ackles isn't playing Batman in the Arrowverse event. Does that mean that someone else could be? Elseworlds will be the first time that the Arrowverse has been in Gotham City, and the special story arc with feature the debut of Ruby Rose's as Batwoman, which has fans thinking that Bruce Wayne may make a small cameo. In addition, the character has been brought up more than once in both Supergirl and Arrow. Details are still being kept under wraps, but Batman could make an appearance at some point down the line, which would more than likely make DC fans pretty happy, though seeing him in Elseworlds seems unlikely.


In addition to the debut of Ruby Rose as Batwoman/Kate Kane, the Arrowverse Elseworlds event will feature the debut of Elizabeth Tulloch's portrayal of Lois Lane. Tyler Hoechlin returns to reprise his role as Superman in the black suit, which has been teased on social media over the last week. With Batwoman making her small screen debut, the studio may have decided to hold off on adding Batman into the mix in an effort to not steal the thunder of Rose's debut, which makes sense.

The Arrowverse's "Elseworlds" event starts off with The Flash on Sunday, December 9th at 8PM and continues with Arrow on Monday December 10th at 8PM. The crossover event then concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday December 11th at 8PM. While some DC fans will undoubtedly be upset that the rumors of Jensen Ackles playing Batman are false, there's still a lot to look forward to with the debut of Ruby Rose's Batgirl as well as seeing all of the characters together. You can check out the rumor clarification below, thanks to Stephen Amell's Twitter account while we wait for some more information about the epic crossover event.