John Wesley Shipp, the actor who portrayed The Flash in the short-lived 1990s TV series, will once again suit up as the Scarlet Speedster in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover event. This year's event, which is officially titled Elseworlds, is currently filming and the stars, specifically Stephen Amell, have been quite busy posting updates from the set. The latest update has revealed Shipp back in costume looking like his old self.

The photos that have made their way online of John Wesley Shipp in costume should make 90s DC fans quite happy. The actor may be a bit older now, but he still very much looks the part. Grant Gustin, who currently plays the hero The CW's The Flash, took to Instagram to express his excitement and jealousy. In Elseworlds, which will be playing with alternate realities within the Arrowverse, it will be Arrow star Stephen Amell suiting up as the speedster alongside Shipp. Gustin had this to say in an Instagram post that also features a photo of Shipp, Gustin, Amell and Supergirl star Melissa Benoist united together in costume.

"Not that this Arrow costume isn't incredibly comfortable, but I'm pretty jealous that @stephenamell is wearing my Flash suit in a picture with @johnwesleyshippjr wearing his OG Flash suit. What's going on!?"

What's going on, indeed. So far, it looks like this Elseworlds event is going to be totally nuts, and that's putting it lightly. We've seen Tyler Hoechlin's Superman in his black suit from the Death and Return of Superman storyline, and we also know that Ruby Rose will debut as Batwoman. Not to mention all of this costume and identity swapping going on. Also, Elizabeth Tulloch is set to make her debut as Lois Lane. To say that there is going to be a lot happening during this event would be an understatement.


Beyond what has been teased, virtually no firm plot details have been revealed. So at this point, fans are just left wondering what to expect. Stephen Amell also took to Twitter to gush about John Wesley Shipp, who previously showed up in the Arrowverse as Barry Allen's dad, Henry Allen. Here's what Amell had to say to go along with a picture of himself and Shipp on set, both decked out in their Flash garb.

"Who said you should never meet your heroes?"

CBS aired a single season of The Flash between 1990 and 1991. Ever since The CW has found success with their corner of the DC universe, they've been bringing some of the old-school actors back, including John Wesley Shipp and Mark Hamill as The Trickster, who appeared as the villain on the 90s show as well. Elseworlds will see The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow crossover in an epic three-night event, which airs on The CW starting Sunday, December 9. Be sure to check out the photos of Shipp with the Arrowverse stars for yourself below.