This may be a bit of a bold statement to make, but this year's ArrowVerse crossover may very well be the most ambitious and massive one to date. We learned at the end of last year's Elseworlds crossover that The CW and producer Greg Berlanti were planning to adapt the seminal Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline for the 2019 event. That in itself makes it huge. Now, we have word that the crossover is going to be five hours long and will include every single ArrowVerse show the network has to offer.

According to a new report, The CW announced at its recent upfront presentation in New York that the Crisis on Infinite Earths ArrowVerse crossover will indeed include Batwoman, which stars Ruby Rose and kicks off its first season this fall, as well as Legends of Tomorrow, who sat out last year's crossover. Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl are also going to get in on the action, meaning the action will be split across five different nights. All told, this is basically going to amount to two movies worth of DC goodness. What a time to be alive.

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Warning: spoilers ahead for both The Flash and Arrow season finales. Even though this event isn't set to take place until later this year, some pieces of the puzzle have already been put in place. At the end of the Arrow season 7 finale, Oliver Queen was approached by the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), who made his debut during Elseworlds. He was recruiting the hero to help save the multiverse from a crisis that is on the way. Elsewhere, it was revealed on The Flash season 5 finale that Barry Allen disappears in a "crisis" in 2019, hinting at the events to come.

Crisis on Infinite Earths was originally published by DC Comics in 1985 and is one of the most seminal events in the publisher's long history. The crossover was written by Marv Wolfman, with art from George Perez. The story centers on a character by the name of Anti-Monitor who intends to wipe out all existence across the multiverse. On his quest, he ends up locked in battle with various DC heroes including Superman, Batman, The Flash and Supergirl. The event is noteworthy for the deaths of both Barry Allen and Supergirl. Whether or not that happens in The CW's version remains to be seen, but we should expect to see a major death or two.

The most interesting part of this will surely be how Ruby Rose's Batwoman factors in. The character made her live-action debut in Elseworlds and that gave the network the confidence to move forward with a series centered around the female counterpart to Batman. The network recently debuted the first full-length trailer for the series ahead of its debut this fall. Crisis on Infinite Earths does not yet have a debut date, but we'll be sure to keep you posted as more details on the ArrowVerse crossover make their way online. This news was previously reported by Entertainment Weekly.