Actress Jessica De Gouw is making her return to The CW series Arrow as The Huntress in the March 26 episode entitled "Birds of Prey".

The Huntress (a.k.a. Helena Bertinelli), the former lover of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), was last seen during the Season 1 episode "The Huntress Returns", where she was searching for her father, crime boss Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling), after he killed her fiance. In this upcoming episode, Helena returns to Starling City to kill her father, who was placed under arrest by Arrow. However, she must go through Arrow and The Black Canary (Caity Lotz) to exact her revenge.

Here's what executive producer Marc Guggenheim had to say about Jessica De Gouw's return to the series.

"We consider Jessica a member of the Arrow family and we're looking forward to having her back for an episode everyone will be talking about after."

Of course, the episode's title "Birds of Prey" teases the all-female superhero group of the same name from the DC Comics, which includes members such as The Huntress, The Black Canary, Oracle a.k.a. Batgirl and Lady Blackhawk. While Batgirl and Lady Blackhawk haven't been introduced in the series yet, Marc Guggenheim revealed in October that the producers have an idea about how to bring in the Birds of Prey to the series.

Arrow continues its Season 2 run on Wednesday, January 29 at 8 PM ET with "Tremors".