A short goodbye video for the godfather show of The CW's Arrowverse has arrived, just as Arrow prepares to end after its 8th season. In it, the stars of the many Arrow spinoffs share a few words for The Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell. The star of the second-longest running Arrowverse show, The Flash had kind words for his mentor as the stars aligned for this end of an era at San Diego Comic-Con.

"I'll never forget showing up for my first day and being scared sh**less and just so nervous after binge-watching all of Arrow, and they welcomed me with open arms. I got to be part of the superhero fold, and I'll always appreciate this journey. And I love you, Stephen."

Supergirl Melissa Benoist called the emerald archer their "fearless leader" adding, "You're a big dork, and I love you." Caity Lotz, who began her journey as Sara Lance on Arrow season 2 before launching the much lighter toned Legends of Tomorrow, joked with Amell, saying this.

"So sad, I mean, pretty much all of Sara's family has died on the show anyways, but she's still got a lot of friends over there, and I think I'll miss it all. Maybe now that the show's done, I'll get that black costume. I'm gonna get that one back."

Even Ruby Rose, title character of The CW's upcoming Batwoman, had words for the O.G.

"Stephen, I started off as a really big fan of Arrow, and then got to know you. And you are the most beautiful, kind, and handsome man that I know. And I just want to thank you so much for welcoming me into the family, and giving me all the advice about what it's like to be a superhero. I love you. Even though Arrow is ending, don't be a stranger."

Amell gave a quick thought at the end of the video with. "Hey, it's the last season of Arrow. Thanks for coming on the journey with us, and we hope that the last season is awesome."


Arrow debuted in 2012 from creators Greg Berlanti (Blindspot), Marc Guggenheim (Flash Forward), and writer Andrew Kreisberg. But Berlanti and Guggenheim weren't always excited about the prospects of a superhero show for Warner Bros. Television. Just the year before, their joint project Green Lantern was almost universally despised and flopped in the box office. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Berlanti and Guggenheim said they only agreed to tackle a superhero again on the condition that it was purely their work, alluding to the power-dynamic of the CGI-superhero film the year before. Guggenheim said, "As long as we succeed or fail on our own work, and not someone else's work then maybe this is worth a shot."


Their work took them in an interesting direction. In a world where television superheroes either saw minimal success, or were banned from flying or wearing tights, the Arrow creators took a unique, darker, approach. Guggenheim outlined some of their key points.

"As we were breaking the story, we made very specific commitments to certain tonal things, such as 'At the end of act 1, he has his hands around his mother's throat.' And, 'At the end of act 2, he kills a man in cold blood to protect his secret,' "

The Batman-esque storyline of revenge and justice paid off. The premier of Arrow was the most watched series debut since 2009's The Vampire Diaries. The non-linear storytelling, the dark set design and harsh lighting coupled with soap-opera level drama and a murderous protagonist helped spark a comic book television renaissance. Batwoman Showrunner, Caroline Dries (Smallville) said, "The appetite for superheroes has changed in my mind in terms of like they just want the literal superhero [now]."


In the past, the streaming service Netflix played a major role in the successes of The CW shows. The two companies have operated under a contract that allowed all CW shows to land on Netflix only a week after the season finished on the network. As this contract ends and WarnerMedia launches its own streaming service, we will be watching to see how this DC television domination shakes out.

Until then, lets watch the show that started it all. Arrow's final season will begin Tuesday, October 15th, at 9/8c on The CW. The interview was originally conducted by Entertainment Weekly.