Arrow is in its seventh season now, and we were all shocked to recently hear that Emily Bett Rickards will not be returning for the eighth and final season. Her character, tech genius Felicity Smoak, appeared as a recurrent character in the first season. She was so enjoyed by producers and fans alike that she was written in as a main character from the second season on. Just recently, Rickards announced that she was leaving the show at the end of this run before the start of Season 8. which will bring everything to a close.

Stephen Amell was noticeably moved by the whole experience of shooting Arrow with Emily. He posted a goodbye message, standing behind Emily, which came with this very moving caption.

"For me... August 3rd, 2012 is the most important day in the history of our show. It was the first day I worked with Emily. Her energy and the vibrancy she gave to Felicity Smoak is only surpassed by what she personally gave to me."

The photo itself is ambiguous in the time frame from which it was taken. Amell immediately references August 23, 2012, the first day they met. In the picture, Emily is clearly in the foreground very well lit, smiling with her chin up. Meanwhile the Arrow actor is behind her in dark tones, with only half of his face visible from behind Emily Bett Rickards. The half of his face that is showing has his eye in a heavy shadow giving his eye the look of not having any white in it, like one of those "black eyed children". He seems to be hiding behind her, like some kind of creeper in a subway surveillance video. His post continues.

"She was a co-worker that became a best friend. So on the first day of our last episode together, I'd like everyone to know how deeply I appreciate the past seven years. EmBett... We wouldn't be here without you. I love you. And I cannot wait to see what you do next."

There is a very odd smirk type he made in the photo, wishing his former cast mate farewell. He may be choking back tears, trying to hide himself behind her in an emotional moment that he might not want to share fully with the world. The photo looks like a selfie from her angle. On her Instagram, Emily posted a 5 panel photo of the many sides of herself as the character Felicity. There was a poem type tribute to the character she played on the show that seemed to be written by the actress signed "Felicity and Me" that ended as such.

"Thank you all for the time we've shared, the elevators we have climbed, the monsters we have faced and scared, and the burgers we have dined. I will keep her in my heart for always, and I hope that you can too, because she would not be alive if it weren't for all of you. Love, Felicity and Me."

This inital photo comes from Stephen Amell's Instagram. Arrow will return next fall for a shortened season 8 before calling it quits.