The CW's hit series Arrow has frequently brought in iconic characters from the DC Comics, but a new clip from tonight's Arrow Season 6 episode, "Tribute," confirms a major DC Comics hero is in fact somewhere in the "Arrowverse." Be warned, there will be some SPOILERS for the Season 6 premiere, which aired last week, so if you haven't watched it yet, read on at your own risk. While this clip doesn't actually show the hero in question, the fact that this superhero icon is even mentioned by Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) could hint at a future appearance on the CW series.

The Arrow Twitter account released a clip from tonight's episode "Tribute," that appear to be the episode's opening moments, featuring Oliver Queen coming in to work, met by a horde of reporters after the events at the very end of the Arrow Season 6 premiere. The end of that episode showed Oliver getting a phone call from Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), who tells Oliver to turn on the news, where a photo is revealed that shows Star City mayor Oliver Queen unmasked with the Green Arrow costume on. This leads to the morning-after impromptu press conference at the mayor's office, where he denies being the Green Arrow, leading to an interesting name-drop: Bruce Wayne.


Oliver Queen starts his impromptu press conference by stating that he is not in fact the Green Arrow, and adding that photos can easily be doctored, stating, "they could have put Bruce Wayne's head on that body." He goes on to ask, "Has Bruce Wayne left Gotham to hang out in Star City recently? No." The clip ends with Oliver chatting with Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez) about the leaked photo, with Ramirez stating that the photo arrived at the news station by mail, with no return address, with Oliver ordering him to get that envelope it was mailed in to the lab, so they can find out who leaked it, and why.


As for Bruce Wayne, while this is the first time this character has been mentioned on Arrow, there was a Supergirl Easter Egg that many fans noticed last November, where Kara Zor-El alluded to Batman's presence in this universe, although she never said his actual name. The Easter Egg came during a bit of dialogue where Kara said that her cousin, Superman, "worked with a vigilante once. Tons of gadgets, lots of demons. Vigilantes are nuts!" Now with this Bruce Wayne name drop in Arrow, it's possible that he may make an appearance in the Arrowverse, even though there have been plenty of instances when the producers have claimed that neither Batman nor Superman would appear in Arrow or any of the CW superhero shows.


Way back in 2014, Geoff Johns said flat out that fans will see characters like The Atom and Firestorm on Arrow and The Flash, which, at the time were the only two CW superhero shows, "but no Batman or Superman right now." Times have certainly changed, with Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) appearing on Supergirl, and with this name-drop on tonight's Arrow episode, it seems that Bruce Wayne and/or Batman could surface on Arrow or other Arrowverse shows in the near future. Take a look at the full clip below before tonight's new episode of Arrow, courtesy of Arrow Twitter.