While most folks focus on movies during the summer season, it's also when TV shows go into production, to get ready for the fall season. Next month, production will begin on The CW's hit series Arrow, with The CW setting a Wednesday, October 5 premiere date for the first Season 5 episode. With just over four months left until the new season premieres, star Stpehen Amell offered a new update on what we might see.

Earlier today, the actor went live on Facebook while he was running on a treadmill, to get in shape for this new season. While answering a few questions from fans, he teased that there will be a new Arrow costume this year. Here's what Stephen Amell had to say below.

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"New Arrow suit this year, by the way, or a slightly modified version."

Unfortunately, he didn't give any details about this new costume, but he did tease that filming begins in 21 days, so hopefully we'll get our first look at this costume during Comic Con. The actor also teased that Episode 501 of Arrow will feature a history-making scene. Here's what the had to say below.

"I had the pleasure of reading Episode 501 of Arrow yesterday and then having a nice chat with James Bamford, who is directing Episode 501 and 502. We're doing something we've never done before. It's called a cross-board. Suffice it to say, Episode 501 of Arrow has an opportunity for us to have the most vicious, violent, one-shot, where there is no cut, in the history of network television. I insisted it should be be, no stunt double, and he said Fine, then you've got to do it shirtless. If Episode 501 is any indication, Arrow is gonna be f--ing mean this year."

The actor also commented The Flash's Season 3 premiere title, Flashpoint, adding how excited he was for that episode. When a fan asked if any members of Legends of Tomorrow will appear, the actor would only say "No comment," but he did add that fans will get to see someone in the Season 5 premiere that we haven't seen in two full seasons. We also reported recently that former Reaper star Rick Gonzalez has come aboard to play Wild Dog, and we'll keep you posted with more casting updates. In the meantime, check out Stephen Amell's video below.