Over the show's four-season run on The CW, Arrow has introduced a multitude of characters who have roots in the DC Comics. One of these characters introduced last season was Curtis Holt, played by Echo Kellum, who appeared in 11 episodes and had quite the interesting arc. Curtis Holt is based on Michael Holt, who is also known as Mr. Terrific, and while there have certainly been hints that Holt will become this heroic character, we haven't seen him fully suit up quite yet. It seems that may change in Season 5, though, according to a new interview with the actor.

Fans first met Curtis Holt in the second episode of Season 4, a former Olympian and inventor who was working for Palmer Technologies. By the end of this past season, he was essentially a full-fledged member of Team Arrow. Moviefone managed to catch up with Echo Kellum, who wouldn't offer any specifics about the season, although he did tease Mr. Terrific may finally make an appearance.

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"I can't really say too much, outside of that it will be 'terrific!' That it'll be a lot of cool things happening, and just buckle up and get ready for an awesome ride. They're really going for it this season, and I think they're going to bring a lot of cool elements that made the series so great. It's just going to be such a cool cast to work with, with all the new additions this season. I think it's going to be the best."

Throughout Arrow Season 4, we saw Curtis Holt use his high-tech tool known as the T-Sphere in the series, and he has often spoke about defending Star City. In the comics, he was part of the Justice Society of America, a group that many fans have hoped would eventually be formed in The CW superhero universe. When asked about his potential costume for the show, Echo Kellum wouldn't offer too many details, but he certainly is excited about suiting up as Mr. Fantastsic, while calling out producer Marc Guggenheim.

"Yes, yes. Second that! Where is my costume? Guggenheim, if you're listening, or reading, whatever: Where's my costume? No, I definitely want to suit up really bad. But I understand. It's this arc. You've got to build up to it. But I definitely hope -- and I believe, hopefully, within this season we should see Curtis Holt get there in some capacity. So I'm really looking forward to all that's happening."

This season on The CW will be jam-packed with more superheroes than ever, with Supergirl joining Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. There has already been talk of a massive crossover event between all four shows, but nothing has been confirmed quite yet. When asked if he himself would like to cross over into Legends of Tomorrow, Echo Kellum had this to say.

"Absolutely, yeah. Yeah, I'd definitely get on Legends of Tomorrow. I'd be thankful to be on any of these shows, to be honest, because they're so well done and I'm a big nerd. So for me, it's just like a dream come true to even be a part of "Arrow," or any of it. To have a potential to be on the crossovers is, like, 'Wow!' It's mind-boggling."

It was recently confirmed that all four shows, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl will be heading to Comic-Con in a few weeks, so hopefully we'll find out much more about the show's plans for Mr. Terrific then. We have also recently learned that Rick Gonzalez has come aboard to play DC vigilante Wild Dog, with series star Stephen Amell's WWE rival Golddust also stopping by for a guest-starring role. Stay tuned for more on Season 5 on Arrow, debuting this October on The CW.