With the fall TV season still a few months away, two of The CW's superhero shows have added new superheroes who DC Comics fans will surely recognize. Rick Gonzalez (Reaper) has signed on to play Jack Wheeler, a.k.a. Wild Dog in a multi-episode arc in Arrow Season 5. Legends of Tomorrow has also brought on Nick Zano to portray the Justice Society of America character Dr. Nate Heywood, a.k.a. Citizen Steel, as a new series regular.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news on Wild Dog, who will emerge as a new vigilante in Star City starting in the Season 5 premiere. This character's "reckless and cocksure nature" prompts Arrow (Stephen Amell) to come and take this new hero under his wing. It hasn't been confirmed how many episodes he has signed on for at this point.

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As for Legends of Tomorrow, the addition of Nick Zano as Citizen Steel, whose grandfather was the original Commander Steel, hints that we could be getting closer to the Justice Society of America being formed on the show. In the season finale, the show introduced Patrick Adams (Suits) as Hourman, who surfaces when a second Waverider crashes next to the primary ship. Hourman tells the heroes that if they get on their Waverider, they'll all die, and that he was sent back in time by Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell). Since both Hourman and Citizen Stell were members of the JSA, it's possible that this group could be formed in Season 2.

Citizen Steel is expected to be one of the two new series regular characters that will be introduced in Season 2. While Patrick Adams is said to play a major role in Season 2, it isn't known if he will become a series regular or not, but Hourman is slated to appear in the Season 2 premiere. Series star Wentworth Miller will no longer be a series regular, although he signed a new deal with Warner Bros. Television that allows him to appear on Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

The Arrow role marks a return to The CW for Rick Gonzalez, who previously played Ben Gonzalez on the network's show Reaper. Most recently, he has appeared on USA's Rush and Mr. Robot, CBS' Battle Creek and Fox's Rosewood. Nick Zano most recently starred in the short-lived Fox series Minority Report. Stay tuned for more on these new characters on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.