The CW Network series Arrow has released new plot information for the sixth episode of Season 2, "Keep Your Enemies Closer", which will introduce DC Comics fan-favorite villain Amanda Waller in a recurring role.

Take a look at the brief plot description made available by the Network.

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"This episode will see the introduction of recurring character Amanda Waller who is an agent of A.R.G.U.S. who sends out a team to kidnap Diggle."

Despite not possessing any superpowers, Amanda Waller has persistently proven herself a powerful foe to the superheroes of the DC universe, as well as an antihero. Throughout the character's long and storied history, she has held down many different jobs with various agencies, and at one point was known as the all-powerful White Queen. The character has also gone through many physical transformations as well, starting out as a large, unattractive woman and eventually turning into the skinny, sexy type of heroine often associated with comic books.

The highly coveted role has not yet been cast at this time. The character was previously portrayed as a government agent by Angela Bassett in the 2011 superhero movie Green Lantern. Pam Grier also played her on Smallville, where she appeared as The White Queen. Do you think either actress should return?

Season 2 will also feature other new characters including Caity Lotz as The Black Canary, Summer Glau as Isabel Rochov, Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger, Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood, and Bex Taylor-Klaus as Sin. We also reported in July that the series will introduce The Flash in a Season 2 episode, which may lead into a potential spin-off series.

The Season 2 premiere, "City of Heroes", debuts Wednesday, October 9 at 8 PM ET on The CW Network.