As fans impatiently await the return of Arrow to The CW Network, we reported yesterday that there will be four new characters popping up in Season 3, two of which will be featured in the Hong Kong flashbacks of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with Arrow stunt coordinator J.J. Makaro, who teased that fight coordinator James Bamford is currently in Asia learning new fight techniques, and that Season 3 may feature a Parkour-influenced fight scene.

"Our fights are going to get better again because they always do. James (Bamford), we keep pushing him and we keep giving him stronger challenges. He's right now in Asia learning some more fight moves, so he's really moving forward with the fight work. Now that they've put us into Asia, hopefully we'll be able to get in there and have a lot of fun doing those kinds of fights. But the other things that we're trying to get out is I've always wanted to do a parkouring sequence through moving traffic. I've seen little bits of it. We dabbled with it in the previous season when we did the huge jump across the alley and then came down the fire escape and hopped on a car, and then we did a little parkour over some moving vehicles, but that's something I've been hoping to do somewhere along the line. I keep watching for the opportunity for it. But of course, it's as big and complicated as a lot of the things we've done already. I'm sure if we do do it, it will be a challenge."

During a Season 2 flashback, we saw that Oliver made it off the island and washed ashore in Hong Kong, where he is met by A.R.G.U.S.' Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), which explains how familiar Oliver was with Amanda when she was introduced earlier in Season 2. When asked about Stephen Amell's recent Parkour video that he posted, J.J. Makaro revealed that Parkour was always an element they wanted to use in The CW series.

"When the series started, that was very important to us that we have an element of that and that he be involved in it. We sent him to a gymnasium that trained people in parkour, and he took to it like a duck to water. He just loved it so much, and he's applied himself so well on it. He's very good at it, and that's part of the reason why I would like to keep going with it. We actually did a fair amount of, the last time we did it, he actually did a fair amount of the work himself, pretty much all of it. But it is complex to do, so I'm really hoping that we get a chance to try and do it."

The CW hasn't announced exactly when Season 3 will premiere, so stay tuned for that announcement.