Back in August, we reported that Jessica De Gouw signed on for a guest-starring arc as Huntress on The CW Network series Arrow. Today, we have our first look at the actress in costume from her debut episode "Vendetta", airing Wednesday, November 28 at 8 PM ET. Take a look at the photo, then read on to see what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say about the character.

Arrow Jessica De Gouw Huntress Photo

Andrew Kreisberg revealed that they wanted to bring in this DC Comics character to provide a contrast to Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen.

"She is the dark mirror version of Oliver, and it was a nice contrast to him because he's pretty extreme. He goes a lot further than not only his comic book version but lots of comic book characters - most have a code of draws the line against killing. Our [Oliver] is obviously past that. [So we wondered] what could we do if we brought the Huntress in. Since we already have a character who goes to extremes, how much more extreme can we make her? What we really liked was that on an emotional level, she and Oliver are both damaged by their pasts. As we say on the show, they've both gone through a crucible and come out the other side. This is the way they're coping, but somehow, Oliver has taken the darkness inside with him and is doing something positive with it. She's taken the darkness inside her and is seeking revenge and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. All of these interesting philosophical discussions: What is vengeance? What is justice? Where do you draw the line and how far is too far? And then the fact that she's hot and Oliver is into her makes it all the more complicated."

Andrew Kreisberg teased a few story details, revealing Oliver's path crosses with Huntress when she nearly kills someone close to him.

"When you watch the episode, someone close to Oliver is almost killed by the Huntress' actions and that sets him on his quest. So it's kind of interesting because in some ways he's seeking revenge and then he collides with somebody else who's entire reason for being is revenge. And what's interesting is that Oliver is on autopilot in some respects as far as his mission. Everything is about the mission and righting his father's wrongs. And it's only until he bumps into this sad, damaged, angry but beautiful woman that he realizes how lonely he is and the toll that lying to everybody in his life is taking. So he's going after a bad guy and he suddenly realizes that he has a lot more in common with her than just about anyone else in his family. That creates this amazing fun relationship for them."

He also said that Jessica De Gouw is currently signed on for just two episodes, although they hope to bring her back.

"We hope so. It's two episodes for now but we definitely hope we see more of her. We certainly set her up as an interesting foil for Oliver and we're excited to see where else we can take her."