A week after reporting that Vertigo will be a primary villain in Arrow, Fringe star Seth Gabel has landed the nefarious role.

Our earlier report revealed that the CW Network series plans on overhauling the character, giving him a much darker vibe and even a different name. Producers plan on using the Vertigo name for a deadly new drug that has swept through the streets of Starling City. However, his powers of disorienting his victims will still remain intact. An insider described the baddie as Oliver Queen's, "deadliest adversary to date."

The character will debut in an early 2013 episode, although it isn't said if he will remain on board for the rest of Season 1.

Seth Gabel is best known for playing Lincoln Lee on Fringe in a 33-episode arc that spanned from the Season 2 finale to the end of Season 4. He also starred in ABC's Dirty Sexy Money, a show that was run by Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti.